A Beautiful Funeral By Jamie McGuire

I both loved this novel and hated this novel. I loved it because it was the perfect ending to an already perfect series. It had all the before and after information that I could have ever wanted. Which only made me love this novel even more. However, I do hate this novel for the simple fact that its title is A Beautiful Funeral. And it reads exactly as it’s title says. Except, there’s nothing beautiful about it. It just made me cry at the end, because I became attached to certain characters within this novel.

Travis and Abby are about to receive the bad end of their agreement with the FBI. And Thomas is about to go down with them for his part in their deal. Because Thomas is the one that initially brought Travis into the bureau. And now they’re about to regret all of the decisions that they made. Because now their whole family is in danger. Even the children are being targeted. So to help save their family, and to help them understand the situation, Travis and Liis are going to tell them their secret. A secret that could endanger everyone if they’re not careful. But that’s not their only problem to worry about. Because now that the whole family knows what’s been going on they’re starting to go at each other’s throats. Lies that have been told are surfacing and the secrets that everyone’s been hiding are coming out. Making the Maddox house the focal point of a big storm. A storm that is throwing people apart, and sides are being drawn. Everyone feels hurt and left out, while others feel betrayed in the deepest way possible. But out of all of the emotions that are flying around, the biggest one is grief. Grief for the man that they have lost, and sorrow for those that they may end up losing. Because at this rate everyone has something left to lose. And they may all just end up losing it when they find out that they’ve been betrayed not once, but twice. Because two people have a big secret that they’ve been keeping from their family. And it just may be the one that could end up breaking them all for good.

This novel is the one to end this series for good. It’s a novel full of betrayal, anguish, love, and redemption all at the same time. An with a plot like this one it’s sure to keep you entertained for a while. Because this novel finally gives its readers what they’ve been waiting around for. It tells us what happened after all the couples got together. So needless to say this novel switches from one viewpoint to another in every chapter. Which can be a bit confusing at times, because you think you’re reading about one character when you’re really reading about another. But that has nothing to do with my recommendation for this novel. Because my recommendation is that if you’ve already started reading the series, then you should read this novel as well. It’s a perfect finish to this series, while also giving you new information to an already perfect novel.


*Read on February 21st, 2017

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