A Mad Zombie Party By Gena Showalter

I honestly thought that I wasn’t going to like this novel at all. The viewpoint was from a different person, and it tended to bounce back and forth between the two main characters. However, despite all of this I did find myself enjoying this novel immensely. It had everything that I wanted it to have and then some. Making it the perfect novel to finish the series out once and for all.

Frosty still isn’t over Kat and he swears that he never will be. He can’t seem to stop thinking about her. So to help him forget that she’s actually gone, if only for a little while, he started drinking and having sex with random women. Women that resemble Kat in some way. However, when he wakes up in the morning everything is still the way it was the day before. However, as fate would have it Frosty once again has Kat in his life. Only he’s not allowed to touch her because she still just as dead as the day before. An Kat also comes with some new complications, such as Frosty is now going to be best buddies with Camilla. The person who helped to kill Kat in the first place. Camilla is now on her own when it comes to slaying zombies. Ever since she went behind everyone’s back and ended up betraying them, her brother has disowned her. She is no longer a part of his crew and to make matters worse he’s currently treating her like she never existed. She is now dead to him and always will be. So when Camilla sees Kat standing in front of her it’s one of her biggest sins come back to haunt her. Except, this sin has a proposition for her. Kat needs Camilla to act as Frosty’s bodyguard until a certain event happens. An event that could leave Frosty dead if she’s not there to save him. Kat tells Camilla of a vision that she’s had. A vision that can help Camilla atone for all that she’s​ done to the slayers and her family. The situation is a total no-brainer for Camilla, because whether anyone chooses to believe it or not, she really does want to make up for everything that she’s caused.

This novel is a much-anticipated young adult urban fantasy novel. One that has put a good ending on our Alice in Wonderland fairy tale twist. It’s a novel that has zombies, and the teenagers who kill them. Making it a novel that has a very good uniqueness to it. This novel is full of ass-kicking fights, drama, and of course that little splash of romance. Because what young adult novel doesn’t have romance in it nowadays. Not this one, that’s for sure. Because on top of everything else Gena Showalter is known for adding that certain spice to her romance novels. Whether they be young adult romance or regular adult romance. So for my final recommendation on this novel I’d say that you’d have to read it. Because if you’ve already read the first three novels in this series, then this novel has already been put on your radar.


*Read on December 15th, 2016

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