Amazon Burning By Victoria Griffith

I actually wasn’t as impressed by this novel as I was hoping to be. It’s somewhat misleading in its plot and can be a bit boring at times too. Which means that this just isn’t my type of novel at all, and I was so hoping that it would be. However, the genre just wasn’t what I thought it be and the cover is at fault for making me believe in such.

After a mishap in New York Emma is advised to make herself scarce. A task that Emma is all too glad to do if it means getting away from the press. So when her father offers her an internship in Rio de Janeiro Emma jumps at the chance. Which she is now currently regretting, because all she is doing is lounging by the pool. Waiting for her father to give her an assignment that may never come. But luck does eventually come her way, and she’s given the chance to cover an exclusive story of a lifetime. Because the famous environmentalist Milton Silva has been murdered. And his murder shocks everyone in Rio de Janeiro, especially those who have been close to him. So when Emma’s father hears about Milton’s sudden death he puts Emma on the case. He wants Emma to find out exactly who murdered him and why they would do such a thing. A task that Emma is more than willing to take, because her career as a writer depends on it. Especially, when this is the article that could make the top headlines of Brazil. However, that’s not the only thing that is currently occupying Emma’s mind. Her new news photographer Jimmy is also taking up some unwanted space. Because while Jimmy may be sexy in his own way Emma still doesn’t know how she feels about him. All she knows is that he is to accompany her wherever she goes, so that he may also translate for her. But there are some things that he doesn’t have to translate. Such as the danger that they are both currently in. A danger that is all too real and is nothing that they bargained for. Because they now not only have to deal with dangerous human beings, but the rainforest too. A danger that is all too unique in itself.

This novel is supposedly an adult romance novel, with a bit of mystery added to it. However, it reads more along the lines of a young adult mystery novel with a little bit of romance. One that is rather odd. Especially when it comes to the plot. Because while it did seem to have a purpose it’s also almost like it didn’t have one at certain times. The plot was all over the place at times and it seems to focus more on the Amazon forest instead of the characters. And with this being said I really did learn quite a bit about the rainforest. Some of it being true, while other parts weren’t at all. So when it all comes down to my final recommendation I’d say that this is an okay novel. It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s also not one of my worst. So if you want to read this novel go ahead. I just believe that it’s too confusing plot wise to be a truly great novel.


*Read on November 11th, 2014     

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