Ashes By Ilsa J. Bick


This is the second time that I’ve read this novel, and it’s just as amazing to read this time around as it was the last time. It’s a fantastic new take on what a future zombie apocalypse would actually look like. And the best part is that it’s actually quite believable. Ilsa J. Bick has given us a novel that can be quite possible, while also being absolute fiction. This is the type of work that is to be expected from truly great authors. And I do believe that Ilsa J. Bick is close to becoming one.

Alex only wanted to do one thing before her life ended. And that was to take her parents ashes up to their favorite hiking spot one last time. It was a wish that she would have ended up the fulfilling if it hadn’t been for the Zap. The very thing that changed her life forever. Because the Zap did something to everyone, not just her. It killed everyone between their late twenties to early sixties, turned a bunch of children into orphans, cured cancer and dementia in the elderly, and turn the teenagers and young adults into something much worse. Because once the Zap occurred they all started going crazy, and started killing each other. But they not only killed people, but started to eat them as well. Leaving Alex to believe the Zap forced them into a zombie-like state, while leaving others alone entirely. So the people unaffected-like her- have to be even more careful when on the move. Because while Alex herself is unaffected by the Zap, others who come across her may assume otherwise. Which leaves Alex and Ellie in a very dangerous position. For they now have to cross a heavily wooded state park with the hopes of not running into any other affected teenagers. A task that is twice as hard to do as it sounds. Because at every turn another obstacle is in their way, and Alex may not be able to save them from them all. Especially, when a lone affected teenager starts to come after them. And with nothing left to protect them, both Alex and Ellie are left stranded in dead waters.

This novel would be found in the young adult section of any bookstore. And with an amazing plot like this one, it’s a novel that would be highly sought out. Because its novel has a very unique twist on how zombies may actually come to be. Which isn’t by any flu-like, genetically engineered virus, but by brain waves instead. Leaving this novel with an amazing plot twist that will keep you captivated for hours. For the characters in this novel are also different, and yet essential, to the whole novel that you can’t help but wonder how it will turn out in the next one. Which makes my recommendation for this one even better. Because this is a definite must-read novel for anyone who loves a good zombie novel. It’s an entrancing take that I’ve personally read two times now and I’ll most likely reread it again in the future.


*Read on April 25th, 2017

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