Autumn Thorns By Yasmine Galenorn

I seem to be stuck in a trend here, because I’m finding that I’m reading a lot of Yasmine Galenorn novels. Which is never a bad thing, because it means that this author intrigues me enough to keep me entertained. Which is what all authors are trying to do. An when it comes to this novel, I found it to be rather interesting. It had a lot of new ideas, ones that I hadn’t seen in any of the authors other novels. Making it rather unique from the rest of them. Which was rather enjoyable, but I did have to take a moment to wrap my head around the concept of it.

Kerris has seen the three signs. Signs that are meant to be heeded with caution and respect. These three signs all mean that Kerris is now the next Spirit Shaman, and that her grandmother is now dead. Because that’s the only way for the next Spirit Shaman to be chosen. So now Kerris must go back to Whisper Hollow and claim the birthright that she left behind. However, the road to Whisper Hollow is a dangerous one. If one isn’t careful the Lady of the Lake will claim them. And now that Kerris is finally home she’s sure of two things. The first being that her best friend since high school hasn’t changed at all and the second being that nothing is as it seems. Things have changed in whisper Hollow in the last fifteen years. The haunts have been rising and the once contained spirits are now crossing the Veil. This could be a very big problem for Kerris, because she never learned how to properly use her powers. To make matters worse there’s an alarming amount of evidence that her parents have both been murdered. Something that Kerris has never wanted to dream about. Now she’s bound and determined to find out who killed her mother and she’s not about to let anyone stand in her way. Especially, not her handsome new neighbor, who’s she’s weirdly attracted to. However, that’s not Kerris’s only problem, because with Kerris looking into her mother’s death the people who covered it up now want her silenced as well.

This novel is an adult urban fantasy novel, with a wee bit of romance added to it. With quite a few different aspects included in this novel, some being ghost, shifters, and witches. This novel just has a little bit of everything in it. The plot of this novel was actually very direct and you could tell where it was going to lead. However, this doesn’t mean that it was necessarily a bad novel, because it wasn’t. It just means that you could tell which direction it was leading you towards​. So my recommendation for this novel is that if you want to read this novel, then go for it. An if you’re a fan of Yasmine Galenorn novels, then this novel would be right up your alley.


*Read on October 7th, 2016

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