Beautiful Burn By Jamie McGuire

This novel is truly something to behold. It got down to the nitty-gritty truth about all types of addictions, and what they can lead to. It’s also a novel with an awesome plot as well. One that I don’t read often, but it’s one that I’m glad that Jamie McGuire wrote. She has a certain way of putting a spin on all of her novels, which only makes us more addicted to them. Because this series all has plots that can be found throughout our society today. The only difference is that Jamie McGuire’s has that happily-ever-after factor.

Ellie is definitely not a good girl. She drinks, smokes, and fucks whoever she wants. And her parents still don’t care. Heck, she could trash their entire house and all that they’d be upset over would be a painting or two. Not because their own daughter decided to throw a party. An that’s what Ellie is currently doing. She’s throwing another useless party, because her parents could care less about anything that she does. Hell, Ellie wasn’t even truly into the party until she saw the fight. Tyler Maddox is good at fighting, but he never goes looking for a fight. He doesn’t have to because they all come looking for him. So the fact that a beautiful woman is betting on him to win just puts him into overdrive. He draws out the fight for as long as his patience will allow him to. And when it’s all over he comes face-to-face with Ellie herself. But Ellie only has demons in her closet, so all she does is use Tyler for the night. She even makes it clear that she doesn’t want anything else to do with him. Except, this doesn’t have the effect that Ellie was hoping for. Instead, Tyler’s even more intrigued by her. He wants to know why she’s so harsh and dismisses him so quickly. But Ellie herself is in for a rude awakening. Because her parents are about to do something that will turn her life around. In fact, her life will be turned upside down and she’ll have no way of stopping it. Even though she doesn’t want it to even happen.

This novel is just the perfect extension to this series. It’s a fantastic adult romance novel that knows how to keep your heart burning. For it’s a romance that burns in the best possible way. It’ll keep you up at night wondering what will happen next until you get up to read it. But this could be because of all the real life scenarios within it. Ones that people everywhere go through every day, and only Jamie McGuire can turn this type of situation into a romance novel. An while others would’ve tanked this novel actually flourished in the best way possible. Which is why my recommendation for this novel is so great. Because it’s a definite must-read for anyone that loves a good romance. It won’t disappoint you because it doesn’t have the ability to. It’s just that good. So if you haven’t started reading the series yet, I one hundred percent suggest that you do. So run to the nearest bookstore and pick it up today. Because it’s definitely worth it.


*Read on January 4th, 2017

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