Captivate By Carrie Jones

I really do love the covers of these novels. They’re just so simple and yet so elegant at the same time. There the kind of covers that you’d wish every novel would have. When in reality only a few ever do. But regardless of that fact I found myself enjoying this novel. This is the second time that I’m reading this series and I’m finding it just as captivating as I did the first time. It’s a story with a whole new plot to it. Because we very rarely ever read about pixies in novels anymore.

Zara still hasn’t come to complete terms with the fact that she’s half pixie. It sounds like something that’s out of a fairytale, and she just happens to be smacked dab in the middle of it. But not only is she part pixie, her boyfriend and grandmother are shifters as well. Leaving Zara with a headache that she hopes will eventually go away. But for now she has other problems to worry about. While Zara and her friends did manage to trap her real father and his pixies, there are still more roaming around. Every day one of them is on patrol waiting to catch a rogue pixie. But something isn’t quite right with the pixies that they’re finding. They aren’t as violent as her father’s are, but instead only fight when provoked. Which causes Zara to question what they’re really doing. She starts to question herself even more when she finds a half dead pixie tied to a tree. An Zara being Zara can’t leave him to die like that. So even though she hates all pixies she lets him loose. And in return he knocked her unconscious. But he didn’t kill or kidnap her and he had the perfect opportunity to. Meaning that what Zara is starting to suspect just may be true. However, not everything is going as perfectly as Zara and her friends think it is. There are more pixies coming from all over and with them are there pixie kings. One in particular is the one that Zara had saved. Another is an evil man that only wants to use her for his own gain. An now Zara is caught in-between the middle of them with nowhere left to run.

This novel is just like the first in this series. It’s a young adult urban fantasy novel, with just a hint of romance in it. A novel that young adults will love reading, but one that adults won’t like at all. Which is perhaps why this novels main aspect is about pixies. A concept that is very rarely ever used, but that went surprisingly well with this series so far. However, there were certain areas that could have been improved upon. Just to make it seem as though this wasn’t the first time Carrie Jones wrote a novel. So with all this in mind, my final recommendation on this novel is pretty standard. If you’re a young adult who loves a good urban fantasy novel, then this novel is for you. However, if you’re not a young adult don’t pick this novel up because you won’t enjoy it.


*Read on May 7th, 2013

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