Cruel Beauty By Rosamund Hodge

All that needs to be said right now is wow!! This novel is one in a million when it comes to putting a twist on things. It actually reminded me a lot of the novel Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay. Because both of the authors to these novels gave us something new and exciting to read about, while also retelling one of our favorite childhood fairy tales. They’re both so addicting in their own way, that when they draw you in you’re stuck until the very last page is read.

Nyx has known her whole life that her life was to be traded for her sister’s. It’s a curse that she’s being been forced to bear, while others consider it a blessing. Before Nyx and her sister were born their father went to a demon to make a bargain. A bargain that he soon lost and in return he was to give one of his daughters to said demon. So when Nyx is thrusted into the ruined castle of her new husband she isn’t at all surprised. She feels more anger than anything else. Anger towards both her family for choosing her and her new husband for granting the bargain that was made. So Nyx has prepared for the moment that she first meets him for a very long time now. She knows that she’s to try and kill him as quickly as she can, with the hope that it’ll save her kingdom. Of course, what she wasn’t prepared for is all the feelings that she has for him. Because he’s not just a demon lord who tricked her father into giving her up. He’s also a prisoner within his own home as well. Nyx’s demon husband is just as trapped as she is, only he’s cursed to never know his own name. If his true name is finally revealed then everything in their world would be the way it was nine hundred years ago. However, the only person who can guess his name is his wife, and she’s only allowed to try the one time. Because if she guesses right then their world is fixed. But if she guesses wrong then she dies. And while Nyx is prepared to die, she’s not ready to die just yet.

This novel would be found in the young adult section of any book store. It’s a young adult novel that focuses around the retelling of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast. An not only did it deliver a great retailing, it gave us a whole new take on it as well. Because this novel is filled to the brim with drama, fighting, darkness, mystery, and of course romance. It’s the type of young adult novel that keeps you going with its own brand of wickedness. Keeping you entranced page after page. Making this novel a definite must-read for any fairytale lover out there. And I highly recommend to anyone who loves a good urban fantasy, young adult romance, or fairytale retelling to give this one a shot. Because it won’t disappoint you in the slightest. It’s a novel that I’m thankful to own, and I’m sure that others will surely see why.


*Read on December 27th, 2016

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