Dark Skye By Kresley Cole

This novel has been long awaited for for a very long time now. Or at least it very well seems that way. Mostly due to the fact that it was mentioned in quite a few other novels within this series. Making it to where we could never really quit thinking about it. And despite all that this novel was really worth the wait. It had a to-die-for plot, and so many twists and turns that I certainly fell in love. It’s a novel that has a bigger picture, and it’s one that will certainly expand for you.

Lanthe just isn’t having any good luck at all. First, she’s captured by the Order, with the intent that she will be vivisected. Then upon their release she’s left with her collar on, leaving her both powerless and defenseless. And finally, the one person who she’s been trying to outrun for the last five hundred years has finally caught up to her and has no intention of ever letting her go again. Leaving Lanthe with a very grim outcome, no matter how she looks at it. But on the other hand Thronos has finally caught the one thing that has evaded him throughout the centuries. His lifelong, and long awaited, Mate Lanthe. Because of an incident that involved Lanthe’s parents Lanthe was emotionally scarred and Thronos was physically scarred. But it was by Lanthe herself that made it to where Thronos was physically damaged for life. Which only fueled his hunt for her even more, because it was personal. But the only way to get to Lanthe was to be captured by the Order themselves. A small price to pay if it means being that much closer to his prize. However, his prize could very well be taken from him, because he’s not the only one who wants her. And in Lanthe’s attempt to escape her pursuers she accidentally transports them to a demon dimension. So now they’re both stuck in a place that nobody would dare to go, and they’re stuck there together. Because Thronos just had the follow Lanthe when she was also trying to escape him as well. And Lanthe is starting to see that no matter where she goes, Thronos is willing to follow her.

This novel is just like the rest in this series. It’s an adult urban fantasy novel that has quite a bit of romance in it, along with quite a few other aspects as well. It’s got vampires, witches, demons, valkyries, and so much more. Making this a melting pot for all types of urban fantasy creatures. One that has a terrific plot to go along with it all. Because this plot has an unwanted love and attraction aspect combined with a type of kidnapping theme to it. Except, it’s not really a kidnapping plot at all. It’s more of a revenge filled novel than anything else. Which just added to all the hype to this novel. So as far as my final recommendation on this novel I’d say that it’s a good one. Because both this novel and this series is one that all urban fantasy lovers will enjoy. Especially if they’re already a fan of Patricia Briggs’ and Jeaniene Frost’s series.


*Read on February 9th, 2017

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