Demon From The Dark By Kresley Cole

Oh my God, I just couldn’t put this book down. I was so entranced by it that I didn’t even register what time it was. Which is never a good thing when you have to work the next day. However, this is exactly what happened to me. I was up till about one in the morning reading this novel, when I started at around eight or nine at night. I let this novel just hook me in and it didn’t want to let me go. Making this one of the best novels in this whole series by far.

In this novel all different types of creatures from the Lore have been captured. Some in multiples, while others have been by themselves. Carrow is just one of these victims. Carrow is a witch that has had her powers magically bound. All of the creatures in the Lore have and it’s starting to drive them crazy. But it gets even worse for Carrow, because they have leverage over her. They killed her cousin and left her daughter Ruby alive. Making it to where Carrow is now the child’s only protector. To keep Ruby alive the Order is sending her out to capture Malkom Slaine. A demon that was turned into a vampire. He’s very dangerous and will kill anyone that he comes into contact with. However, when it comes to Carrow he’s only sure of one thing. That she’s his mate and his to protect at all costs. All of Malkom’s life all he ever wanted was for someone to love him. Someone that he can love back just as fiercely. So when he recognizes Carrow as his own all I can think about is wooing her. Going as far as to give her a severed head. Which means an awful lot to him, while to Carrow it’s just disgusting. Now all Carrow has to do is lead Malkom to the portal. Otherwise, Ruby could be taken from her forever.

This novel is another adult romance urban fantasy novel. It’s a novel jam-packed full of action, adventure, mystery, and of course some mayhem to go right along with it. Making this a very exciting novel and certainly one hell of a read. The plot to this novel was fantastically written and it had an even better plot twist. The twist is written so that this novel will just keep driving you to read the end. It hooks you in and then it doesn’t let you go. It’s a novel that almost has that kidnapping aspect to it, when it really doesn’t at all. That’s just the feeling you get while reading this whole novel. So my final recommendation for this novel is a very excellent one indeed. This is a most definitely, absolutely positively, must-read novel. You definitely won’t be sorry when you start reading it, but you will if you don’t.


*Read on August 15th, 2016

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