Dreams Of A Dark Warrior By Kresley Cole

I actually did like reading this novel, but I feel like I would have liked it even more if school hadn’t started when I started reading it. This caused me to read at a slower pace and made me forget certain parts of this novel, forcing me to go back a few times. There were also certain parts that I didn’t enjoy at all. But even though it had quite a few ups and downs to it, overall it was one that I kind of enjoyed. It’s just that as a reader I should have made sure to read this novel when I wasn’t so busy.

In this novel the beautiful Regin has been captured. By a bunch of humans too. The Order has captured hundreds of people from the Lore with the hope of experimenting on them. In fact, they specialize in doing vivisections while their test subjects are awake. Making it agonizingly painful for every immortal there. Now Regin has to find a way out of this mess and she thinks she has her ticket. Declan Chase is one of the men in charge of the Order. He’s been in the Order for many years and has yet to ever feel an attraction to any of the females in the Lore. Until he meets Regin that is. Regin makes Declan feel things that he doesn’t want to feel and he desperately wants to get rid of them. So he comes up with the solution to interrogate her himself. He figures that she somehow ended up putting a spell on him. One that makes him feel sexually attracted to her. However, Regin has done no such thing. The thing that Declan doesn’t know is that he is Aiden the berserker reincarnated. The man that has been chasing Regin around the world for over a millennium. So Regin hatches a plan to help remind Declan of his past lives. Except, that her plan may end up backfiring on her instead. Her stories seem to have an opposite effect on Declan, and Regin’s luck may have just run out.

This novel is just another fine example of an adult urban fantasy romance novel. It’s a lot like the other novels within this series. It has action, adventure, and of course, everyone’s favorite, fighting. It also has twist, the actual plot to this novel has a lot to do with past lives and history. That vibe is very evident throughout the whole novel. It revolves around somebody getting killed over and over again in each lifetime. This actually did help to liven up the plot some. It gave us something new, while keeping the characters the same. So my final recommendation of this novel is a pretty good one. If you’re still reading this series then I’m highly recommend that you read this novel. And for those of you who haven’t read the series yet, I highly recommend that you start as soon as possible.


*Read on August 23rd, 2016

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