Endure By Carrie Jones

I rather enjoyed the ending to the series. It had quite a kick to it that I had indeed forgotten about. Which gave this novel quite a bit of actual substance. Which is also what this novel needed. It needed a turn that could both keep its readers entertained and make sense at the same time. Which it did to some degree, but in others it didn’t.

Zara and Nick aren’t on the best of terms at the moment. Ever since Zara return Nick from Valhalla their relationship has been strained. Nick still can’t deal with the fact that Zara turned into a pixie just to rescue him. He finds it both appalling and sickening at the same time. Because now he believes that Zara doesn’t have a soul. And he doesn’t quite know how to cope with the fact that his, once human, girlfriend is now a queen and a warrior. It’s simply too much of a change happening too fast for him. So Nick, being who he is, more or less breaks up with her. Leaving Zara a complete mess for a while. To make it worse Zara knew that this was most likely going to happen, but that doesn’t mean that she was any more prepared for it. She just wishes that Nick would see the reasons as to why she did it. To save her friends and the town that she’s come to love. Even if it is freezing all the time! But Zara has to put all of that aside for now. Because weather she likes it or not she’s got a town to save and people to lead. Including all of the humans that have come to help fight as well. An everyone knows the danger and the risk that they all take. But none of that matters if it means saving the world. Because that’s what it’s all come down to. A prophecy that has foretold that Zara would be the key to either starting the coming apocalypse or ending it. An now Zara has to be on her toes. Because while Frank just wants her as his Queen, others want to kill her before she becomes a bigger threat. And sooner or later one of them is bound to get lucky.

This novel is just like the rest in this series. It’s a young adult urban fantasy novel. One that is more about pixies than anything else. Even if it does have shifters in it. But it’s classified as a young adult series specifically because of the plot. For the plot of this novel is guided more towards the ages of thirteen through sixteen of age. This is based upon the simplicity of the novel and how the characters are portrayed in it. Because they aren’t nearly as complex as they should be at this point. So when it comes down to my final recommendation, I have to go off of the first time I read it. Meaning that this novel is perfect for all young adults that love a little urban fantasy romance. However, this novel isn’t for adults by any means. So if you’re over the age of nineteen you may want to rethink about reading this novel.


*Read on May 9th, 2013

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