Entice By Carrie Jones

Since it’s been quite a few years since the last time I read this series, I’ve decided to leave the rating where it’s currently at. It seems like the right thing to do since this isn’t the first time I’ve read this novel. But it just may be my last. Because I’ve come to realize that while I may like these types of novels still, I prefer them to have more substance to them. Meaning that the main character shouldn’t be so see through at times.

Zara still can’t get over the fact that Nick is gone. Even though he’s not technically dead, it still feels like it. So now she’s doing everything that she possibly can to bring him back. Which includes turning into a pixie if it means that it could save him. Because that’s exactly what Zara did. She’s now Zara, Queen of the Willow and Stars. A feat that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Astley. Astley is the King to Zara’s Queen. An even though he may be a pixie, he isn’t at all like the others. Astley keeps his pixies in check, meaning that he’s strong enough to keep his hunger at bay. And now that he has Zara by his side he’s even stronger. Because of pixie King shares his Queen’s power when necessary. Which also means that Astley has the power to control Zara if he wishes to. Putting Zara in a difficult place, because she needs Astley to help find Nick. Astley’s mother knows how to get to Valhalla and how to bring somebody back from it. However, the tricky part is in finding his mother. Because his mother is very good at hiding when she doesn’t want to be found. And right now she doesn’t. Which means that Zara is at another dead end until they can find her. But in the meantime Cassidy may have a lead. Because there’s a musician playing in a tavern that has the name BiFrost. Just like the bridge that has been rumored to take people to Valhalla. Which just may be the stroke of luck that she’s been needing. But Zara is going to need to be careful of who she trust. Because a lot of people are wanting to do her harm.

This novel is just like the rest in this series. It’s a young adult urban fantasy novel, with barely a hint of romance in it. Which is to be expected when an author writes for pre-teens. And with that aspect in this novel it can definitely be said that this is a pre-teen kind of novel. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been about pixies and shifters. However, with this in mind the actual plot to this novel wasn’t a bad one. It was rather interesting up to a certain point. But from that point it started to get a bit dull. Leaving me with a dull-less novel that may or may not actually have a decent plot. So when it comes down to my final recommendation I’d say it’s a decent one, but not overall good. This is because this novel is for young adults only, and should perhaps just be read by young adults. So if you’re a young adult you’ll love this novel and what it has to offer you.


*Read on May 8th, 2013

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