Flight From Mayhem By Yasmine Galenorn

I’m definitely still stuck in the Yasmine Galenorn web. A web that keeps you very interested in reading her novels. No matter what kind of novel it is. It doesn’t matter which series it’s in either. They just have this habit of drawing you in, which is exactly what does novel does. This novel is the perfect installment to the last novel in this series. It goes along with it quite beautifully, and can keep us entertained all day. It’s just one of those novels that you’re going to have a hard time putting down, due to all the drama within it. It’s a novel that you’ll want to own, and I for one am glad that I have this series.

Shimmer and Alex are finally done denying their attraction to one another. Especially, since Alex finally got rid of his no-good girlfriend Glenda. After she demanded that Alex get rid of his friends, Alex then decided that he had had enough. He kicked Glenda out to the curb, but not before she vowed that he’d regret it. Which can be a rather annoying problem if she’s serious about it. However, Shimmer and Alex have a bigger issue on their hands at the moment. A creature is going around Seattle killing elderly fae for their riches. It seems to be stalking them first and then posing as a suitable lover later. Tricking the fae into letting it into their homes. So what Alex and Shimmer have on their hands is a fae serial killer, and now they have to stop it. The local police are having a hard time tracking the creature down. Mostly due to the fact that it seems to be some type of shifter. It can not only change its face and body, but it’s gender as well. Making it a very wily creature to find and get a hold of. So since the creature is hard to find Alex and Shimmer form a plan. One that neither of them want to be a part of, but it’s one that’s necessary. It’s a plan that ends up going horribly wrong, and now their friend has been captured. So now Alex and Shimmer are racing against the clock to find their friend in time, before something happens to her.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy novel. One that has a very unique feature to it. This novel caters to all different types of supernatural creatures. It has dragons, and vampires, and fae, oh my. It has all that and much more. There’s fighting, drama, romance, and a mysterious plot too. This makes for a very interesting read, and at the very least a very intriguing one. Making my final recommendation on this novel a decent one. This novel is a good addition to the series. It flows along with the first novel quite beautifully. Making this a novel worth reading.


*Read on October 18th, 2016

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