Heir of Fire By Sarah J. Maas

This novel was a wonderful installment to an already fantastic series! It’s a captivating tale that makes you want to read more in every second of the day. However, all I wanted to read about was the main character, and her viewpoints were too few and far between for my liking. I think that this novel would have been a lot better with just her viewpoint in it. But then again it probably wouldn’t have made any sense at all.

After basically being thrown to the wolves Celaena has no idea what to do. She doesn’t know if she should go to her cousin or find the one person who her mother didn’t want her to see. A woman that would use Celaena for the power that she welds and nothing more. However, the choice is ultimately out of Celaena’s hands when she’s approached by a Fae warrior intent on taking her to his Queen. A task that was given to him specifically, and for good reasons too. Because for what the Queen has in mind Rowan is the only available option. Even if Celaena can’t stand the guy, she knows that he’ll at least train her properly. Because to get the answers to her questions Celaena has to learn how to control her powers. Powers that she’s wanted nothing to do with since her parents were alive. But Celaena may have something even worse to deal with at the moment. Because while Rowan and Celaena are training a mysterious creature attacks them. And it attacks like no other creature has before. It crawls inside a person’s mind and lets them relive all of the horrors that they faced in their lifetime. And not just once or twice, but over and over again. A fact that Celaena finds out first handed, because she is the creature’s first victim. An now that he’s had a taste he craves more. Which leads to Celaena feeling as though she’s the one now being hunted. But the worst part to come is when she finds out that there’s three of these creatures. And that these creatures are currently living off of the half-fae life forces. Meaning that the compound that Celaena is living in is now in grave danger.

This novel goes right along with the first two in this series. It’s a young adult urban fantasy novel that just keeps on giving. Which is the whole point of this series to begin with, considering all of the different aspects to it. Especially when this novel revolves around assassins, Fae, and demons. A rare, and yet beautiful, combination that put a certain twist in this series. A twist that only enhanced the quality of this novel even more than it already had. Which was quite high to begin with, an adding to it only made it even better. So it only makes sense to give this novel a very excellent recommendation on my part. Because this is a very excellent novel to begin with. It keeps you up at all hours of the night until you’ve finished with it. And even then you’re still hooked into it. So if you love an out-of-the-box urban fantasy series, then I highly recommend that you pick up this series. For this series and novel is one in a million an you’ll certainly love it.


*Read on April 17th, 2017

2 thoughts on “Heir of Fire By Sarah J. Maas

  1. This is currently the last one in the series I’ve read! Haven’t had a chance to dive in further yet but Heir of Fire really felt like an “in-between” to me. The novel Maas needed to introduce a whole bunch of new characters, new plot lines and basically set the base for the future books. I’m hoping I’m right because I’m soooo ready to dive in again!


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