How To Tame A Beast In Seven Days By Kerrelyn Sparks

Oh my God, where has this novel been all my life? Because this novel is completely different from any other like it. It had me captivated from the first chapter, and with its plot it would be hard for it not to. I mean come on now, it’s so unique and different, and yet it’s just like every other romance novel. Except it’s not, because Kerrelyn Sparks has set this series ablaze by writing an epic first novel. An it’s a fire that I’m not willing to put out quite yet.

When Luciana was just a baby she was taken to the Isle of Moon, and hidden away. Hidden away because of the how special she truly was. But while some may see her as special, others see her as a monster. Someone that isn’t supposed to exist at all, especially if the King finds out about her. But for the Luciana this has never been a problem, because there is no danger of that where she lives. However, that all changes when a man claiming to be her real father shows up to the Isle. A father that she’s always wanted but as wiry to trust. But when she finds out the true reason as to why he came to her she feels obligated to help him. Which just many change when she finds out that she’s to marry a man who is called the Beast of Benwick. A name that Lord Leofric hates with his whole being, but it’s one that he most likely deserves after all he’s done. Because with the power that he welds, death always follows him. Which is the very reason as to why he hasn’t been touched by another human being in years. Because a single touch from him will kill anyone instantly. So when his uncle declares that he is to marry a specific woman, Leofric is already suspicious. An when he hears that plans are set in motion to kill his bride-to-be he isn’t the least bit surprised. Which is why he’s already sent his men to protect her with their lives. A task that Luciana sees as necessary, but it doesn’t mean that she has to like it. But that’s not what’s currently worrying her. She’s more worried about her husband-to-be and what he’s like. Because as of this moment Luciana is preparing for the worst.

This novel can only be classified as an adult romance and urban fantasy novel. Which isn’t too hard to believe when you consider the different aspects in it. However, with this particular novel it’s not about the characteristics that a certain character has, (when it normally is). It’s about the plot that’s within it. This is the type of plot that we see all the time, but never in this sort of sense. Which made this novel something completely new, while also being slightly original all at the same time. Which is exactly what we urban fantasy lovers needed. And it’s the very reason as to why this novel is getting such a great recommendation. For I highly recommend that you give this novel of try. It’s given a new twist to the urban fantasy category, and it won’t disappoint you. So go to your nearest bookstore or library and pick it up today. For it’s the type of novel that you won’t forget about anytime soon.


*Read on April 20th, 2017

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