Just In Time For A Highlander By Gwyn Cready


This was actually a pretty decent novel. It’s not what I really thought it be, which is both a good and bad thing is. It was a good thing, because the plot was a unique one that I hadn’t really read before. It was pretty different in this aspect. However, it was also a bad thing, because I thought that it’d be a better read than it really was. It got pretty boring in some places and then it started to pick back up again. It was a lot like stop and go, which isn’t how I want to read a novel.

Duncan likes nothing better than a good battle. A good battle reenactment that is. He’s always on Scotland’s​ side and is proud of it. Which is to be expected when one has been raised in Scotland. However, Duncan now lives in America and is currently working as a business financier. He only goes back to Scotland to visit his grandfather every once in a while and that’s the way he likes it. What he doesn’t like is being transported back in time and coming face-to-face with Abigail Kerr. Abby is currently the Chief of clan Kerr and she’s only holding on to the title by a thread. To keep her title she’s going to have to marry a man that’s not of her own choosing, and even then she still really wouldn’t be the chief at all. However, that’s currently the least of her concerns. Currently her clan is going bankrupt and the English are trying to start a war that is unnecessary. But what Abby really needs is a strong-armed to help her out in any way that he can. Instead, she gets Duncan. Which is a huge shock to her considering that he can’t even hold up a sword properly. To make things even worse, Abby can’t get rid of him until he’s completed his duty as her strong arm. A duty that even Duncan himself isn’t sure that he can achieve. Which he surely wants to do, because he wants to go home badly. But things seem to get even more complicated when Duncan starts to fall for Abby. Now he not only wants to help her, but he wants to stay with her too.

This novel would be considered a pure romance novel through and through. It has all of the right aspects for it and the plot of this novel proves that as well. The only thing that sets it apart from other romance novels is that this novel is based in the past. Medieval Scotland that is. It’s a romance story that can only happen in the past, not the present. And it’s a plot that we really don’t see that often. At least not in this kind of mixture. Making this a unique novel that’s for sure. So as for my recommendation on this novel it’s at least a good one. This novel isn’t what I’d call a must-read, but it’s at least an interesting one. So if you’re into novels that like to mix things up a bit, then this is the novel for you.


*Read on December 5th, 2016

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