Lothaire By Kresley Cole

I actually enjoyed this novel very much. It’s one of the novels that I was hoping to read soon, and I’m thankfully it didn’t disappoint me. The only reason it took me so long to read was because of the fact that I just moved. Otherwise, I would have gotten it done sooner. I’m just glad that the novel was better than I was hoping for. Otherwise, I would have been very upset with the author, and probably would have stopped reading this whole series in general.

In this novel we finally get to see what makes Lothaire’s heart tick. Lothaire has been a vampire for over a thousand years now. He’s both seen great evil and committed great evil himself. Thusly naming himself the Enemy Of Old. So when he meets Saroya, a vampiric goddess trapped in human form, his heart starts ticking again. Only there’s one small problem with his bride. She’s currently wearing the body of a human named Ellie. While Ellie believes herself to be possessed by a demon. Ellie doesn’t believe in vampires or goddesses, but she’s ​soon to learn the truth of things. And she’s about to learn that truth rather quickly. Not only is Ellie possessed by vampiric goddess, but that said goddess also happens to be the Bride of a very powerful vampire. One that will stop at nothing to get his long-awaited Bride. He even goes as far as leaving her in prison, so that she can’t try and kill herself again. However, what Lothaire doesn’t realize is that Ellie is about to be executed for her crimes, and by the time he does realize it he’s almost too late. However, he’s just in the nick of time, so we takes ​Ellie to a safer place. Only she doesn’t want to be in a safer place. She wants to be dead. Only Lothaire keeps stopping her every time she tries. However, Ellie may have an- almost foolproof- plan to kill herself once and for all.

This novel certainly has a lot going for it. Especially, considering the fact that it’s the twelfth novel in the series. That alone should worry us as a reader. Mostly considering the fact that most series tend to bottom out after the tenth novel. But not this series, oh no. This series is still going strong and this novel is proof of that fact. This novel has a lot of action, adventure, drama, and dare I say it, romance. So much so that you’ll never want to put this novel down again. So for my recommendation on this novel I’d say that it’s a good one at the very least. This novel is a must-read for this series. In fact if you’ve already started reading the series, then you may want to reading​ it soon.


*Read on September 17th, 2016

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