MacRieve By Kresley Cole

I was truly one hundred percent in love with this novel. It was all I could think about at times. Even to the point where I didn’t want to work, I just wanted to read this novel. That’s the kind of affect that it truly had on me. Which means that Kresley Cole is doing something right if I’m this hooked into novel number fourteen in this series. Because this series is still going strong and I’m one hundred percent sure that it’s a series that I’m going to stick with till the end.

MacRieve is all sorts of fucked up and even he knows it. The hand that he was dealt in life has haunted him for the last nine hundred years. All because of a mistake that he takes all the blame for. Even when others tell him that it’s not his fault. That his mother and father’s deaths aren’t all on his hands. However, MacRieve refuses to accept that. And when fate throws him another curveball his agony starts to eat away at him. Until he feels like nothing will be left of him at all. Heck, the only thing that’s currently keeping him going is the fact that his brother found an auction site that has Commander Webb’s daughter. The daughter of an enemy that he wishes to take vengeance on. Except, MacRieve may not be able to do all of that. Because as soon MacRieve sees her all of his plans go out the window. Because whether he likes it or not Chloe Todd is his fated Mate. And Chloe has been having a heck of a time herself. First her father tells her that she’s not human, then he disappears, a stranger breaks into her home, and to top it all off she’s been kidnapped by a bunch of witches. Which leaves Chloe a total wreck, and that was before the bidding on her life started to take place. So when she hears the witches say that she’s been sold Chloe starts to go ballistic. And it turns out that she’s not the only one. Because when MacRieve starts to turn- causing everyone to scatter- Chloe has to wonder what exactly she’s been dragged into.

This novel is an amazing example of how to properly write an adult urban fantasy romance novel. For this urban fantasy is just one of a kind. Granted it has all of the usual characteristics that are found within Kresley Cole’s novels. However, that’s not what makes this novel such a great success. The reason as to why this novel was so enchanting was because of the plot itself. It’s a plot full of drama, raw potent emotions, and an edginess that is unlike any other. Heck, even the twist that is found later on is such a good one that I quickly found myself to become giddy with glee. So when it all comes down to the final recommendation it’s safe to say that it’s a damn good one. Because this novel is indeed a must-read for this series. It’ll keep you up at night begging for more, which is what we all want in a fantastic novel such as this one.


*Read on January 29th, 2017

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