Midnight’s Kiss By Thea Harrison

I really did enjoy this novel. But then again it is my kind of novel, so why wouldn’t I like it. The fact that I read this novel within a day also says something about it. Something along the line of-wow! What a novel!-perhaps. Because that’s quite certainly what this novel was. It was a novel that dragged me out of my state of boredom and brought me back into the light. So to say the least, I really did like this novel. It’s a novel that goes along with the rest of the series perfectly.

Julian just can’t believe the nerve of Justine. Not only has she committed an act of treason against her King, but against all of the Nightkind as well. She went as far as to kill everyone within her own household, and she did it without remorse. But it gets even worse, because Justine has kidnapped Melly. The Light Fae heir, who is bound to be missed. In fact, she is as soon as she’s snatched. Due to the fact that her twin sister and her have a bond of sorts. So now Julian must act as fast as he can, because despite everything that Melly ever did to him, he still loves her. However, the same can’t be said about Melly herself. Melly is convinced that Julian hates her with a passion so fierce that it would hold forever. All because of something that she never did, but that he was too angry to even hear her side of the story. So the fact that he shows up like some knight in shining armor throws her off. But it never throws her off her plan to escape. Because whether Julian likes it or not she does have a plan. A plan that will not only get them out of the god-forsaken tunnels that they’re in, but that will also allow her to take out her revenge on Justine. Which is something that Julian himself wasn’t quite prepared for. Julian didn’t expect that Melly, who’s such a fragile looking thing, could be so fierce. In fact, now seeing her in this new light is something of an awakening for him. One that has been long overdue, and he may not be able to stop at either.

This novel would be found in any urban fantasy section at any bookstore. It’s a novel that is full of excitement, drama, romance, and of course, fighting. Making this quite the novel to behold. And with its plot this novel is truly spectacular to say the least. It has this forbidden love aspect going for it. While also being full of different character aspects as well. However, what really makes this novel is the twist that comes later. It’s a twist that I certainly saw coming, but I was still entranced by to say the least. Which in turn makes an excellent recommendation on my end. Because I highly recommend that any urban fantasy lovers out there give this novel a try. It’s a fantastic novel that will keep you entertained until the very end. So if you haven’t already added this novel to your must-read list, I suggest that you get around to it soon.


*Read on January 13th, 2017

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