Need By Carrie Jones

The first thing that attracted me to this novel was its cover. It’s the type of cover that looks simple, and yet it screams at you that it’s more than that. It catches your eye and then keeps drawing you back to it until you finally decide to pick it up. And once you do pick it up you start to realize that the plot is more than it originally seemed. Making this novel an intriguing read that can leave your mind wandering for hours.

Zara has had reality hit her pretty hard. First, the only father she’s ever known and had dies. Of a heart attack, or so they say. However, Zara is starting to wonder if it truly was. Secondly, her mother sends her way to the middle of nowhere. Maine to be exact! The exact opposite of where she was previously living, where it is always hot and sunny all day. And now it’s cold and snowing all day. Followed by hint of ice of course. So Zara is anything but happy to be in Maine. The only good thing that has come of it is that she can now see her grandmother. She hasn’t seen her grandmother in a long time and she’s happy to see her familiar face again. A face that looks so much like her father’s. She’s even more excited when she learns that her grandmother had bought her a car. However, Betty has an ulterior motive, because the car is for Zara to drive herself to school. A place that Zara is already dreading. On the very first day of school she almost hits another car. Mostly due to the fact that she’s a terrible driver. But in this case it was well worth it, because the owner of said car is quite a looker. Zara feels a connection to Nick, but it’s not one that she can explain. Nor can she explain the strange man that seems to be following her everywhere. Zara first saw him when her father died, and now she’s seen him at her new school. All she knows is that something isn’t quite right with this situation. But she’s willing to find out as to why the stranger is following her, and what exactly he wants from her.

If need be this novel could be found in the young adult section of any bookstore. It’s a novel that has quite a few unique aspects to it, such as pixies, shifters, and a heap of gold dust. Which implies that this novel would belong in the urban fantasy section as well. However, it would still remain a young adult novel because of the plot. A basic plot that has the same cheesy storyline as all young adult romance novels. And this one is no different when it comes to that. Because while I loved this novel when I was younger, I now find it to be a bit duller as an adult. Leaving me to give a recommendation based on the first time I read this novel instead of the second time. So if you’re a young teenager in need of a good young adult romance novel, then this is your novel. But if you’re an adult I suggest you find a different series to read entirely.


*Read on May 6th, 2013   

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