Night Myst By Yasmine Galenorn

Wow, this is a fantastic novel. It’s just the type of novel that’s to be expected from Yasmine Galenorn. One full of excitement and drama. That’s what she’s best known for, and she excels at it beautifully. An this novel has been on my mind for quite a while now, it’s kept me up for many nights. The only reason it took me so long to read it was because I had to work and was too tired to read when I got home. Otherwise I would have been done with it way sooner.

Cicely has always known that she would have to return home sooner or later. She’d​ just prefer that it would have been later instead of sooner. However, when her grandmother is killed she’s​ summoned home. Because like it or not, she’s now inherited her grandmother’s business, and everything that goes along with it. Which includes the danger that has been lurking within her town. Something dark is trying to take over the town and it’s even killing people who are getting in its way. When Cicely​ returns home she hears rumors of a supposedly Indigo Court that has risen again. The Indigo Court is a terror among everybody whoever comes across them. It’s people consisting of vampiric fae that destroy everything in their path. When Cicely finds out what’s going on within her home she finds her old lover Grieve. Only, the problem is that in the years that they’ve been separated Grieve has changed. Changed in a way that may not ever be reversible. Because he’s now one of the Indigo Court’s people and he can prove just how cruel his new court can be. And while Grieve​ says that he can be cruel Cicely believes otherwise. However, she may not have time to test her theory when her loved ones are kidnapped. It first started with her aunt, and now a close friend has been taken as well. An everyone who has ever been taken by the Indigo Court has either been killed or turned. A prospect that Cicely​ doesn’t want to happen. An with her only hope being to rely on Grieve, she may be done before she’s ever begins.

This novel would be found in the urban fantasy section of any bookstore. However, it can also be found in the romance section based on the author herself. But this novel focuses more on the fae, witches, and magic within it. So therefore, it’s an urban fantasy novel, and it’s a good one too. The plot of this novel is actually very addicting. It puts a twist on the main characters romance and it flowed beautifully into a whole new tale. One that many urban fantasy lovers will enjoy. So as far as my recommendation on this novel goes I’d have to say that it’s a must-read. It’s a novel that I’m personally glad to own, and it’s one that I’ll​ read again in the future.


*Read on December 11th, 2016

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