Night Seeker By Yasmine Galenorn

This novel was a bit more interesting than the last one. Which is partially because of all the action that happened within it. Otherwise, this novel would have been exactly like the others in this series. It even has the same tone as the others, which is enough as is. If it had gone any further it would have made this novel a bore beyond belief. An thank goodness that didn’t happen.

After everything that Cicely has done to protect Grieve she’s finally succeeded. Grieve is now back with her and out of Myst’s evil clutches. But even if he’s physically free of her he’ll never be mentally free. Because Grieve will always be a part of the Indigo Court, and part of Myst as well. Even if he doesn’t want to believe it himself. However, Cicely could care less about any of that. All that she cares about is that Grieve is back with her. The fact that he has a somewhat control over his hunger is just an added bonus for her. But now Cicely’s actions have cost her an allegiance Lainule you, and the vampires are furious at her. Cicely deliberately went against their commands to rescue Grieve and now they want nothing to do with her. The only reason that Lainule calls out to Cecilia is because she’s dying. Otherwise, she would have stuck by her decision. But with Summer losing her control, Winter starts to move forward. And now Myst is in the process of making it permanently Winter forever. But not if Cicely has anything to do with it. Because without Summer there’d be no balance left. So Cicely makes a choice that will ultimately change her fate forever. For her choice is to go after Lainule’s heartstone, so that Summer can still have a chance to live again. But the road to it is a dangerous one, full of many perils. For many different creatures are guarding the heartstone, and they won’t let Cicely take it without a fight first. And if Cicely isn’t careful they may decide that she’s the bigger threat.

This novel would be considered an adult urban fantasy romance novel. However, it can be found in the romance section at any bookstore. Mostly due to the fact that Yasmine Galenorn is a romantic type of author. But even with this in mind, this novel still had a lot of paranormal aspects to it. Such as witches, vampires, fae, and so much more. An all of this combined with it’s plot has made an interesting read. But even then it was still easily deciphered. You can see exactly where the plot is going most of the time. Which made this a lackful read at times. However, I personally still love Yasmine Galenorn’s novels. So while this review may not be the best I still recommend that you give it a try. Because even the most boring novels a surprise you at times.


*Read on April 25th, 2017

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