Night Veil By Yasmine Galenorn

I enjoyed this novel to a certain extent, but not as much as I enjoyed the first one. This one was a bit of a bore and it was all rather expected. Something that I personally don’t like in my novels. Even if I do enjoy the author of the series, this novel was still boring. It just seems to all run together when a novel reaches this point, and it truly did seem to with this one. Which is rather sad when it’s only the second novel in this series.

Ever since the Cicely has gotten back to town it’s been one blow after another for her. First her family is torn apart, then she finds out that Grieve is no longer the man that she once knew, and now she’s bound to Lannan. A bond that she hates with a fiery passion, but one that she willingly made. Even if it was only to save Grieve from his current fate. A fate that has only gotten increasingly worse because of Cicely herself. For now all of the Indigo Court have been reduced to their madness and bloodlust. A fate that wouldn’t have happened if Cicely hadn’t gone to Grieve. Because while Lannan was taking his blood payment from her he was also inserting a new drug into her bloodstream. An experimental drug that has the possibility of either weakening the vampiric fae or killing them. However, this drug backfires terribly. Because now all of the Indigo Court no longer have any control over their own madness. They feed at random and killed just for the sole pleasure of it. Even more so than they already did. But there is a bit of a bright side to this drug too. Because none of the vampiric fae can tolerate the sunlight even the slightest. Not even a little bit of it. An that includes Grieve himself. Except Grieve knows that he can’t control himself and in his last attempt at sanity he sends Chatter with Cicely. For if he didn’t his friend could very well end up dead. And Grieve could never forgive himself if that were to happen. But right now Cicely can’t forgive herself for what’s transpired. Because even though she didn’t know about it, it’s still her fault. Which makes her even more determined to fix it.

This novel would be considered an adult romance/urban fantasy novel. A novel that is just about the same as the first one in this series. It even had the same aspects as the first one. Right down to how the characters themselves were even portrayed. Which made this novel a bit dull in the plot department. Mostly because the plot seemed to be the exact same as the other novel as well. However, this novel did add a few new characters into the mix. And they created a flare that this novel was in desperate need of. However, when it comes down to the final recommendation I’d say that it’s a bit of a different one. For this novel is for those of us who truly do love the world that Yasmine Galenorn has created. And if you don’t like her world, than this novel certainly isn’t for you at all. Nor the series for that matter.


*Read on April 21st, 2017

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