Night Vision By Yasmine Galenorn

I actually enjoyed this novel more than the last three. It had a bit more spunk to it this time, and it really took the novel far. Which is good for this series, because it was starting to get a bit boring. So this was the best thing to happen to this series. And this was a pretty decent novel, only made possible by the plot. A plot that is actually quite common in real life nowadays.

After retrieving Queen Lainule’s heartstone there was a price that had to be paid. A price that only Cicely and Rhiannon can pay. Because with her heartstone now given back to her, Lainule can no longer be a Fae Queen. Another must take her place, and Lainule has already chosen her new heir. For Rhiannon will be the new Queen of Summer, while Cicely will be the new Queen of Winter. These are the roles that the girls were meant to be in, and it’s one that they each gladly accept. Especially when it means that they get to marry their one true love. Because when the girls are both crowned Queen they get the pleasure of marrying Chatter and Grieve. Which is exactly what Cicely has wanted from the moment she met Grieve. An while Cicely and Rhiannon may be excited for the future, they must still be on guard at all times. Because with Myst still on the loose there’s no telling what might happen. But at the moment Myst is the least of their worries compared to Leo and Jeffrey. Jeffrey has gone into hiding and with him Leo as well. Leo is still upset that Rhiannon has chosen Chatter over him, and he vows that when he gets ahold of her that she’ll regret it. However, the worst part about Jeffrey vanishing is that he released Crawl when he left. And Crawl is a nightmare all to himself. A nightmare that wants nothing more than to suck Cicely dry. So now Cicely and Rhiannon must be on the watch for the vampires, along with Myst. But even their ever watchful guards can’t stop the attack when it comes. Because Leo’s plan for vengeance against Rhiannon is too strong to stop her warriors. And with Rhiannon in his grasp nothing can stop him from taking what he wants.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy novel. One that also has a bit of romance to it as well. Along with a few other aspects too. Aspects such as witches, shifters, vampires, and fae. A whole slew of supernatural creatures to help keep this novel going. But with this type of plot the novel hardly needs any help with its enhancing. Because the plot of this novel is a kidnapping plot. One that is all about vengeance served to a main character. Which in turn helped to spicen up the series quite a bit. So when it comes down to my final recommendation on this novel, I’d have to say that if you enjoyed the others in this series then you should give this one a shot. Otherwise, I’d wait to read it. Because while it’s a pretty decent novel it just be pointless to read it before all the others.


*Read on May 15th, 2017

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