Night’s End By Yasmine Galenorn

I’m extremely glad that this novel is finally over. Mostly for the simple fact that I was starting to see where the plot was going. In the second novel to be exact. Which just made it harder for me to stay with the story. But other than that this is a good novel. It was rather entertaining in some areas, but right down boring in others. Which at least made this an interesting novels to read.

By all rights to Cicely should feel relieved. She’s taking her cousin Rhiannon back from Leo and has finally claimed her throne. A throne that she didn’t want at first, but one that she’s come to accept. However, Cicely can’t enjoy being a Fae Queen when Myst is still trying to kill her. And with Myst still on the loose everything is at stake. Including Cicely herself, who is still too reckless to have in a fight. Because even though she knows that she can’t help her warriors out, and must instead escape, she doesn’t. She stays to fight, because she can’t stand the thought of anyone dying for her. Even if by doing so she’s putting herself in even more danger. Which is exactly what Myst thinks she’ll do. And it’s what she’s been waiting for all along. Because one slip-up from Cicely will make her all Myst’s. But not if Cicely can help it. And with the help of her flashbacks she may even find a way to destroy her once and for all. Because as Myst’s daughter Cherish, Cicely knows things that even Myst doesn’t know. Secrets that all of her past lives are now starting to reveal to her. And just in the nick of time too. For Myst has gathered her army and is starting to make her way towards the Golden Woods. And time currently isn’t on Cicely’s side. So in an attempt to outmaneuver Myst the vampires, fae, and magic-born have all decided to come together in an attempt to finish her off for good. And luckily Cicely may just have a way to do that. Because her flashbacks have revealed a secret that Myst doesn’t want anyone to know. A secret that if found can destroy her. The only problem is that Cicely has no idea where so look. And she needs to find out quickly before it’s too late.

This novel could be found in either the romance or urban fantasy section of any bookstore. It’s a novel that has quite a few different types of characters in it. Some being fae, vampires, witches, and much more. It’s a novel full of drama, suspension, mystery, and fighting of course. Making this into quite an interesting novel to read. But it’s one that unfortunately has a boring plot to it. Which could be for the simple fact that it’s a well-used plot. One that has been dragged through, and stretch thin, in this series. However, it at least had a good ending to it. So for my final recommendation I’d say that if you’re a fan of Yasmine Galenorn’s novels, to go try this one out. This series just has that touch that only Yasmine Galenorn can give it. Which is why this novel is perfect for Yasmine Galenorn lovers everywhere.


*Read on May 30th, 2017

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