Out Of The Shallows By Samantha Young

This is the only Samantha Young novel that I truly didn’t enjoy. And that’s saying a lot, because I happen to love her novels immensely. But this novel just wasn’t all that. It took me a long time to read, and I feel like that’s mostly due to the fact that it was a bore. It seems like Samantha Young was trying too hard to make this novel as good as the first one. Which only made it rather dull and lifeless in the process. The constant time change every chapter didn’t work out as well either this time around. It honestly just made me more frustrated than anything else.

Charley has made a decision that has been haunting her for months now. And that would be the decision to break up with Jake for good. So this time it’s Charley whose hurting Jake, instead of it being the other way around. And Charley’s reason for doing so is very similar to Jake’s reason. Because something bad has happened to Charley’s family, and Charley isn’t sure that they’re ever going to be okay again. Because her sister Ande has been in a horrible accident. One that could very well end her life. Leaving Charley an absolute wreck over what happened between them months ago. An it’s left Jake wondering where it all went wrong. Jake has been beside himself with grief over the fact that he’s lost Charley again. One minute everything between them is fantastic, and then in the next she’s disappeared from him. Heck, he’s even gone as far as to trick her into coming to a birthday party for Lowe. On the hopes that she’ll see what a big mistake it was to let him go. However, his plan backfires when Charley finds out about it, and it only pushes her further away from him. Which is the last thing on Earth that Jake wants. In fact, Charlie even declares that they can no longer be friends either, and that she’s cutting him out of her life for good. So now Jake has to figure out how everything went wrong, how to fix it all, and how to get Charley to love him again.

This novel would be classified as an adult romance novel. A romance novel that we’ve all seen before and will most likely see again. Because the plot of this novel is that of girl-and-boy-get-back-together-only-to-break-up-again plot. This time due to a promise that was made by one of the main characters. Which, let’s face it, is how the plot always goes. So to say the least this novel wasn’t one of my favorites out of Samantha Young’s collection. The first one in this series was so much better and held so much promise. While this one slowly sank to the bottom. So needless to say I won’t be giving a good review on this novel. Simply for the fact that it was an overused plot, and the constant switching back and forth from present to past didn’t work out this time around. So if you’re a fan of Samantha Young’s other pieces of work, keep to them. Don’t bother reading this one, because it will sorely disappoint you.


*Read on February 16th, 2017

One thought on “Out Of The Shallows By Samantha Young

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