Queen of Shadows By Sarah J. Maas

I couldn’t believe it to even be possible, but it was. I am completely in love with this novel even more so than the last one. And frankly it’s all because of Rowan and the way that he just appeared out of nowhere. It completely blew me away and filled me up with so much excitement. Which is how it should be when a main character is reintroduced into a series. It should make a novel better than it was before, and because Sarah J. Maas added him to it it totally was.

Celaena is gone and only Aelin has remained. Which is something that Aelin never thought she’d have to face again so soon. But it’s the role that she’s more than willing to fill after everything that’s happened. Because between her aunt and the King coming at her from both sides, she was bound to show her true self eventually. And it was Rowan who taught her to both embrace her powers and love them. Which has led Aelin down the path to take back her throne. But to do that she must fight for it. And for that she needs her own personal army. Which is the exact reason as to why Aelin has returned to Adarlan. Because the army that’s going to help her defeat the King resides there. But then again, where else would a rebel army be hiding if not right under the King’s own nose. But they may not be there for long if the King’s men find them. So Aelin has to rush and request their help before they leave. But an obstacle that she didn’t count on steps into her way. Because with Chaol currently leading them he may not want to risk their lives. However, it’s not only that. Chaol believes that everything that’s happened while Aelin has been gone to be her fault. He swears that she could have prevented it if she had only tried. And the fact that she didn’t bring back her own army is like a slap in the face. But Aelin didn’t come back to make Chaol happy, and she makes it perfectly clear. No, the only reason Aelin came back was for her kingdom and her cousin. The only family that she has left, who is about to be executed as a rebel. But only if Aelin doesn’t get to him first.

This novel is a wonderful example of a fantastic young adult fantasy novel. One that is full of drama, fighting, assassins, and even a bit of romance. It’s got so much passion and deceit that it just may keep you up at night, and if that doesn’t than its plot sure will. Because this plot is the type that will keep you going. It always has something new to add to the mix. Add this with how the main characters develop throughout this novel and you’ve got quite an amazing read. Which all adds up to a magnificent novel for urban fantasy lovers everywhere. So when it comes to my final recommendation it’s a good one. For this novel, and series, is one that will be loved by both young adults and urban fantasy lovers everywhere. Because it’s so unique that its uniqueness just spices everything up.


*Read on June 23rd, 2017

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