Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard

I was actually a bigger fan of this novel then I originally thought I’d be. At first it really seemed like it ended up being a sort of knockoff novel. But in reality it really wasn’t at all. It’s a brand new plot with its own story to tell, and it’s certainly starting to tell it. This novel has given rise to a whole new meeting on what an uprising within a dictatorship could be. It’s an exciting and makes a fantastically sneaky read that can sink its way into your everlasting thoughts. Making it a novel that many people will kill to read.

Mare has been born and raised on the simple notion that her life is meaningless. She’s just another body to end up molding and just another person to use as cannon fodder. All because of the color that she can bleed. A color that has labeled her and her family as worthless. Because nobody with red blood can ever be special. It’s the people that bleed silver that are the special ones. They’re the ones that have different powers. Powers that can destroy someone with a flick of a wrist. Powers that have been used on Mare’s own people before. So the fact that once a month they have to watch these powers at work, just grates on her nerves. Mare hates being reminded that people with red blood are considered week. That once she turns eighteen she’ll be sent to fight the silver’s war just like her brother’s before her. And her time is drawing closer and closer to that every day. The only thing that gets her through the day is stealing for her family. At least that way she can do what she can to help support her family out. Even if her family does hate what she does and wishes that she would stop. However, even they realize that what Mare has been stealing for them is helping them out more than they’d like to admit. However, Mare’s time is starting to run out. She’s almost eighteen and those who aren’t employed are always sent to the war. And even a mysterious stranger’s kindness can’t stop that from happening.

This novel would be in the young adult section of any bookstore, right next to The Glass Arrow by Kirsten Simmons and Graceling by Kristin Cashore. Because this novel is just as great as those ones are. It’s a fresh new plot in a terrific storyline. One that will keep you hopping in a it’s-kill-or-be-killed world. A world that is full of special people with special powers. Powers that are only supposed to belong to a certain group of people. So when the twist to this novel pops up, it’s one to behold indeed. Because the main character to this novel is just what this novel needs. A no-nonsense heroine, that knows when to save her people first and herself last. Which gives me the perfect material to give a great recommendation on, because that’s the only recommendation I’m giving. For this novel is truly one in a million, and once you pick it up you’re not going to be able to put it back down. So run to your nearest bookstore and pick up this novel today. It surely won’t disappoint you in any way.


*Read on December 26th, 2016   

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