Ripped By Katy Evans

I actually enjoyed this novel more than I originally thought I would. It had this raw and edgy feel to it that had me quite captivated. It’s even the type of story that has that feeling of realness to it, like it could happen to you if you’re not careful. Making this novel even harder to put down, because you now have to see how it ends. An novels such as this, are always addicting because of this factor. And this novel was no different.

Pandora hasn’t had an easy life by any means. Her mother is a cruel woman that has only ever tried to control her, and the one man that she’s ever truly loved leaves her like yesterday’s trash. Leaving Pandora behind to pick up the pieces. Turning her into a woman who’s as hard-as-ice and just as cold-blooded as a woman can get. Because she’s got a ghost in her closet and it’s one that she definitely doesn’t want to let out. Or remember for that matter. However, Pandora may not get much of a choice, because the one person that she wants to forget about the most is back in town. MacKenna left everything behind to pursue his dream of becoming a rockstar. And he didn’t just become a rockstar, he became one of the most known rockers in the United States. Because unfortunately his fame can come at a cost. Especially, when a wicked ex-girlfriend is behind the trouble that he’s currently in. An ex-girlfriend that MacKenna didn’t think he’d ever see again. But Pandora played a very nasty prank on MacKenna and now she has to pay for it. Because whether she likes it or not MacKenna now needs her. His manager is having his band make a movie based on their tours, and he thinks that Pandora would be perfect in it. Especially since she is MacKenna’s muse for his earlier songs. An Pandora thinks that it’s a horrible idea, but she has no choice in the matter. Because if she refuses, MacKenna will press charges against her. But if she stays, Pandora has to harden her heart even further. Because she just refuses to fall for MacKenna all over again.

This novel would be classified as a romance novel through and through. Possibly a rocker romance novel, with a hint of forced captivity too. Which is an aspect that can take ahold of anyone if it’s written right. An luckily Katy Evans is that author. Because out of this whole series, this novel was the best. It had so much drama, anguish, anger, and raw passion in it that I couldn’t put it down. With a plot twist that was just to die for and yet heartbreaking at the same time. It’s the type of novel that will leave you conflicted and possibly in tears. Which in turn brings me to my recommendation for this novel. And I do recommend that you give this novel a try. Even if it means skipping over the first four in the series. Because it’s just that worth it, and I’m proud to say that I own it.


*Read on February 20th, 2015

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