RoseBlood By A. G. Howard

This is a hauntingly, beautiful retelling of a very well-known novel. One that has the perfect amount of darkness in it to keep the story alive. This tale being the Phantom of the Opera. Which was a wonderful new retelling with many new characters. It’s the type of young adult novel that has the perfect mix of gothic beauty, romance, and a sudden inkling of doom. Making this quite the novel to read.

Rune is now being sent to a special school for people like her. People that have a talent in the musical field, and who wish to better themselves while they’re there. However, that’s not the reason as to why Rune is actually going. She’s going because her mother thinks it’d be in her best interest to be in a different environment. And the RoseBlood conservatory in France is definitely a different environment. But RoseBlood is the exact place that Rune doesn’t want to go. Because it’s rumored to have ties to the original Phantom of the Opera. Someone that she’s been dreaming of for quite a while now. A phantom with golden eyes that makes her wonder what she’s really been missing. But then she remembers who she is, where she’s at, and why she’s currently there. Rune is at RoseBlood because she almost killed a boy back home. Her unwanted ability came to rise and she almost gave in to temptation. Yet another reason as to why she’s currently residing in France. The home of the one person who tried to kill her not once, but twice. So she’s now stuck in a place that caters to an ability that she no longer wants, the home of her would-be killer, and the supposed home of the Phantom of the Opera. All of this combined, and Rune’s nightmares come to life. But that’s not her only problem, because somebody is clearly out to get her. And even though Rune believes that she knows who’s behind everything, she still has her doubts. Because Rune is caught in the middle of a game that she doesn’t want to play. A game that could shatter her reality forever.

This novel is just like all the other novels that A. G. Howard writes. It’s a dark, gothic, and hauntingly beautiful young adult novel. A novel that has a romance with a certain twist to it. Because there sure isn’t another romance plot quite like it. Even if it does still have that forbidden love aspect to it. An aspect that is usually found within young adult novels. However, it’s almost completely irrelevant when it comes to the actual plot of this novel. A plot that is something completely new, while also being completely original. For this novel focuses on a tale that we’ve all heard before. Which leaves me with my final review on this novel. Because my recommendation for this novel is to pick it up if you liked A. G. Howard’s Splintered series. Because both these novels have a lot in common, and they definitely won’t leave you hanging in the dark for long.


*Read on April 5th, 2017    

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