Shadows By Ilsa J. Bick

This novel is just as good as the first one, if not better. It just draws you in and then doesn’t let go of you. It even got to the point to where I was thinking about this novel at night. So any form of sleep was out of the question. But it was so worth it! The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the fact that the focus wasn’t just on Alex this time. If it had been just all about her again I probably would have had the novel done in just a few hours.

The reason why the Changed to leave Rule alone all makes sense now. The Council has been feeding their grandchildren the people that they “send” away. Making it to where the Changed don’t have to go hunting for their own food. Especially when it’s given to them freely. Which means that Alex is now in huge trouble, because the Changed’s feeding grounds are in the Zone. The very same place that Alex is now in. And to make matters even worse, she’s been found by a group of the Changed. A group that seems to be rather intelligent, and led by someone who looks an awful lot like Chris. In fact, the only difference between Chris and this Changed boy is that the Changed has a horrible scar running across his throat. But that’s not even the worst part. Because this Changed seems to be attracted to Alex in some weird way. And this attraction seems to be the only thing keeping her alive at the moment. A fact that Alex is grateful for, especially when the other Changed all want to kill her. However, nothing is ever set in stone and Alex is far from safe. Meanwhile, all Tom can think about is getting back to Alex and finding Ellie. It’s a task that he hasn’t abandoned, he’s just been too weak to execute it. But now that he’s better all he has to do is break the news to the people that rescued him. But that won’t even matter to Ellie. Because while she did escape the people who took her, all she’s been able to think about is finding Alex and Tom again. A feat that she knows is next to impossible, but she does have a clue to go on. A clue called Rule. The town that takes children like her and lets them live normal lives.

This novel is a wonderful example of a young adult urban fantasy novel. A novel that has quite a few different things going for it. One being that it’s a post zombie apocalypse novel that has never been seen before. It’s full of action, adventure, deceit, betrayal, and a whole lot of confusion. However, even with all of this in mind the plot is still a great one. It’s got so much going for it that you’re not going to want to let it go. Which is the whole point to this series. It’s all about that action and drama, but also about the suspension too. Making this the perfect lay-around-the-house-and-read-all-day type of novel. So when it comes down to my final recommendation I have to say that this is a definite must-read. It’s the type of novel that will keep you up at night wanting more. Which is what we all really want when it comes to our novels.


*Read on May 20th, 2017

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