Sweet Ruin By Kresley Cole

This novel was a fantastic addition to this series. It had me hooked from the very first chapter, because it was just so different from the others. But what else could I have expected from a great author like Kresley Cole. An author that after writing sixteen novels in her Immortals After Dark series, still has me begging for more. She’s an author that gives her readers exactly what they want and then some. And I can honestly say that I can’t wait for her next novel to make its debut.

Since before she can remember all that Jo cared about was her baby brother Thaddy. He was both her night and day, and she’d do anything to help protect him. Even if it meant protecting him from herself. Because after Jo eats a few bullets that’s exactly what she has to do. Because dying has changed Jo in more ways than one. She’s no longer the scrawny girl who wanted to be the hero. She’s now the enchanting villain who is a ruthless force to be reckoned with. An when you’re a villain you always have a weakness somewhere, and Jo has two of them. The first being her baby brother Thaddy, and the second is her own longing to be loved. And if there’s one thing that Rune is good at its pretending to love women. Because his position in the Møriør requires him to get any information that he can. In any way that he can. So he of course goes towards the loving approach, but only to a certain point. Because if Rune goes too far he could end up killing all of his informants with just one kiss. A kiss that he desperately wants to give the one woman who doesn’t seem to want him at all. Because no matter how hard he tries, Rune just can’t seem to figure Jo out. So in an attempt to get her out of his mind forever Rune kidnaps her. Only he tells himself it’s to get information out of her, not because he’s attracted to her. So now Jo finds herself trapped in a stranger’s home with no possible way of leaving. And leaving is all that she truly wants, because her baby brother just may be in trouble.

This novel can be found in the urban fantasy section or, perhaps, the romance section of any bookstore. It’s a novel that is very unique in its own way. Which is based off the main character in this novel. A character that is part phantom and part vampire. Which is only one of the many aspects within this novel. For this novel is full of vampires, witches, demons, werewolves, and so much more. Making this a novel with a few surprises in it as well. One being the twist that comes through it later on. A twist that left me wanting more, even when I couldn’t get any more than I already had. Which is the exact reason as to why my recommendation is going to be such a good one. Because this is certainly a must-read novel. Heck, this is actually a must-read series! One that won’t leave you disappointed, but will keep you up at all hours of the night instead.


*Read on March 26th, 2017

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