Tempt Me With Darkness By Shayla Black

This truly was a pleasantly- and surprisingly- good read. It not only had a good plot, but some great characters as well. It’s a novel that gives us a look at what the author thinks of the medieval’s King Arthur. A tale that has intrigued many people throughout the years. However, Shayla Black has given this tale her own twists. Shaping it to her will, and creative imagination. It’s the type of novel that sinks its claws into you slowly, so that you won’t let go too soon.

If there’s one thing that Marrok has learned in his long life it’s to never cross a powerful woman. Especially, one who is an all-powerful witch named Morganna. But that is exactly what he does and Marrok ends up regretting it for centuries. Because when she curses him, she curses him to live forever, until he finds his one true Mate. A fate that Marrok is convinced will never happen to him in his remaining immortal life. However, Marrok soon discovers that fate can be a fickle bitch when throwing him the key to his own salvation. A key that is in the form of a woman that he swears he’s met before. And while Marrok thinks he knows her, Olivia swears not to know him at all. All Olivia ever wanted was to finally figure out who her father is. She’s been wondering this for years now and her search has finally led her to England. A place that she’s always sworn to visit, but has never really had the chance to until now. And while she’s looking for her father she’s also running an art gallery at the same time. Because art is her passion and she loves looking at all the brilliant pieces that come through her gallery. An when she sees Marrok’s pieces for the first time she’s absolutely in love with them. Olivia just has to meet the man behind those pieces, so that she can convince him to sell them in her gallery. However, it may very well be the last mistake that she’ll ever make. Because she falls right into the trap that Marrok sets for her, and he’s made it perfectly clear to her that she won’t be leaving him anytime soon.

This novel would be I the adult romance and urban fantasy section of any bookstore. This is for the simple fact that while this is a novel full of magic, it was written mostly for the romantic crowd. But this novel can be deciphered as an urban fantasy novel due to a few certain aspects in it. Such as; magic, immortal men, and people from the past. Which when all combined together really makes quite the plot twist. Because the person from another era is from King Arthur’s time. A time that is vastly different from today’s London. So with all of this in mind I’d have to give a pretty decent recommendation for this novel. Because this novel is one-of-a-kind and it’ll keep you hooked to it for a while. It’s just the type of novel that fantasy lovers we’ll just adore.


*Read on February 26th, 2017

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