A Fire In The Blood By Amanda Ashley

I didn’t actually like this novel as much as I originally thought I would. It bored me beyond belief at times, and that’s actually rather hard to do. An because of that it took me a rather long time to read it. Mostly because this is just one big book of paranormal cliché after another. Which is way too many for any one novel to have. And all-in-all I wasn’t all that impressed by what I read.

Tessa has never believed in the supernatural. But when people in her town start vanishing or turning up dead, she starts to wonder. Especially when the victims are drained of blood. Now the newspapers are screaming “vampire”, and the citizens want to take care of it. So it doesn’t come as a huge surprise when the city council starts hiring vampire hunters. However, the whole thing just seems silly to Tessa. That is, until she’s attacked herself. Because as she was walking to her condo an honest-to-God vampire attacked her, and tried to kill her. The only reason that he didn’t was because of the mysterious man that appeared out of nowhere to save her. One that Tessa finds very appealing in every sort of way. However, what Tessa doesn’t know is that the man who saved her is also a vampire. One who has been around for hundreds of years. And in all that time Andre hasn’t been as curious about a woman as he is now. Because according to a gypsy, Tessa is very special. That’s more along the line of her blood, not her. According to rumors that have been floating around, Tessa’s blood has a powerful effect on vampires. But for Andre it’s Tessa herself. She seems to have some kind of hold on him, one that makes her even more appealing to him. It’s a spark that even Tessa herself feels and is willing to explore. However, Tessa is still very much in danger. For not only are the young vampires after her blood, but an older, and more powerful vampire is too. One that wants to kill her instead of just taking a bit of her blood. However, this particular vampire also has a grudge against Tessa as well.

I would classify this novel as an urban fantasy romance novel. One that is more about romance than anything else. Even if one of the main characters is in fact a vampire. It seems that the vampire aspect of this novel was indeed second to the actual romance. For this novel’s plot seemed to revolve itself around that genre than any other. An while I do love a good romance novel just like the next person, there is such a thing as too much romance. And the plot of this novel just goes right along with that ideation. However, the main characters did happen to go together very well, and their chemistry was on point too. So when it comes down to my final recommendation I’d say that it’s a little on the weak side. For while this novel has a decent romance going on, it lacked in the wow! factor majorly. So read this novel at your own peril.


*Read on July 24th, 2017

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