A Girl’s Guide to Vampires By Katie MacAlister

This novel wasn’t what I thought it’d be at all. It’s almost like the cover deceives you into thinking its one thing, while in reality it’s something completely different. Because the fact remains that this novel had less to do with vampires than I was really hoping for. Which left me sorely disappointed, but I still felt obligated to finish reading the story. An it actually wasn’t a horrible read. It was just less urban fantasy than I was hoping for.

According to her friend Roxy, all Joy really needs is a man in her life. However, Joy is perfectly content to wait for Mr. Right to show up. But unfortunately Roxy is a little too impatient, and instead drags Joy to a goddess invoking ceremony. One where they each describe their perfect someone in hopes that magic will find them faster. And it’s a good thing that Joy doesn’t believe in such nonsense, because her reading isn’t of love. It’s a warning of danger that will soon find her. Saying that if she doesn’t make the right choice then she’ll be forever lost. An Joy isn’t as worried by that as she should be. She’s more worried about Roxy getting lost on her get away to the Czech Republic. Which is the only reason as to why she even agreed to come along. It wasn’t to meet the mysterious author of Roxy’s fantasies, and it certainly wasn’t to find a man. However, that may be exactly what Joy ends up doing when she makes the dark and mysterious Raphael. A man that is so intimidating that he only intrigues her even more. But when Joy gets these awful visions before meeting him, she has to wonder if Roxy was right. For these visions are supposed to be for a Dark Ones bride only. Where he links into her mind, and she can see everything about him. An after the first vision occurs, it isn’t something that Joy wants to repeat again. But every time she sees Raphael she has to wonder. Because Roxy is convinced that Raphael is a Dark One, and that Joy is his forever bride. However, Joy believes that there’s something else in play. For weird things are starting to occur and they all seem to point back to the same person over and over again. That person being the brooding Raphael.

This novel would be most definitely be classified as a romance novel. One that has a bit of a twist to it. For this novel also has that urban fantasy aspect to it. If only part way. For in this novel vampires are the main focus. It’s the type of focus that drives a novel like this one. An in this novel it worked out beautifully. It has a certain mysterious theme to it that the plot revolves around. Where one of the dark and brooding main characters starts to attract the attention of the innocent and shy main character. A plot that we’ve all seen before. An while it usually works out in the end, in this novel it doesn’t. So when it comes down to my final recommendation it’s only an okay one. Because while it is the type of plot that we see all the time it just wasn’t that good this time.


*Read on July 29th, 2017

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