A Mate For Christmas By Katie Reus

I was actually more than a little disappointed in the novella. Mostly for the simple fact that I was under the impression that it was an actual novel. So when there was more than one main character in this, I started to get a bit confused. Especially when it started jumping from one perspective to another. Which only made me lose sight of the plot a couple dozen times in the progress of things.

Noel still isn’t the same after losing her sister. She’s still withdrawn and refuses to get too close to anyone in the pack. Including her very own sister Ana and her mate Connor. An while she’s working on her grief -in only a way that she can- the holidays only make it worse for her. Especially around Christmas time. The one time of year that meant a lot to her sister. However, if Nathan has his way Noel won’t even have time to think about it. He’s been waiting for a little over a year now for her to notice him. In the beginning he stopped by every day to see her, but once she made it clear to him that she needed time to heal he stopped. Nathan respected her wishes for as long as he could, but Noel’s time has finally run out. Noel isn’t going to be able to push him away anymore, and she’s going to have to face him sooner rather than later. Even if it means that Nathan has to give her the wake-up call himself. In the meantime Erin has made the front page as North America’s only female Enforcer. In fact, she so popular that they even made her into an action figure. Which annoys her to no end and provides great entertainment for December and Liam. Meanwhile, Kat and Jayce are struggling to raise a teenager who has trust issues of her own. And Kat’s powers have only gotten stronger over the last year. However, the best news of all comes straight from Ana herself. Because this Christmas is going to be one that Connor will never forget. Because his present will be the best one of all.

This novella can be found in the romance section of any bookstore. But it could be classified as an adult urban fantasy romance novel. For its full of magic, shifters, and wonderment. However, what’s more important is the fact that all the previous novels have finally been finished. Leaving us all with a very satisfying ending to the series. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the actual plot to the novella was all over the place. It bounced back and forth from one character to the next, making it a bit hard to read at times. So with all of this in mind my final recommendation on this novella is only an okay one. For even though it finishes out this series, it’s still just a bit boring. So if you’re curious as to what happens to everyone then give this novel a go. Otherwise, just don’t bother picking it up.


*Read on October 10th, 2017

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