Avenger’s Heat By Katie Reus

This novel was highly anticipated and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Especially when I had been waiting to read this one for a quite a while now. Because out of all the stories to be told Erin’s held the most promise. And it was certainly worth the wait in the end. Which is perhaps the whole reason as to why it’s taken Katie Reus so long to write this one.

Erin has had to deal with a lot of pain in her lifetime. Pain that others couldn’t even begin to imagine. Even though they’ve already seen some of it. But despite all that Erin plans on moving forward in a big way. For not only did she once belong to a physically strong pack, but she was also one of their Warriors. And now she’s the first North American female Enforcer in her current pack. Along with her mentor Jayce, who’s currently the other North American Enforcer. An Jayce believes that the time has finally come to let Erin go out on her first assignment without him. Except Erin isn’t truly going alone, because Noah is determined to go with her. For not only is he determined to win her heart, but he also knows the New Orleans Alpha as well. Which is the only reason as to why Erin is letting him stick around. An when Erin’s case starts to look familiar she’s glad to have him around. Especially, when it really starts to hit home that what happened to her is starting to happen to other women. But what’s happening to them is even worse than what happened to Erin. Because according to one witness, they’re being kidnapped and drained of their blood. An the only way that any of them leave is when they’re dead. However, the worst part isn’t that women are being taken. It’s the fact that all the women who were taken were also pregnant. And when one of the missing shows up dead Erin knows that she’s running out of time. However, the worst part is the fact that she may actually know who’s behind the kidnappings. The very same people who originally left her for dead in the first place.

This novel can be classified as an adult urban fantasy romance novel. However, it can only be found in the romance section of any bookstore. Even if it has shifters and magic in it. But what really makes this novel so unique and great is the twist within this plot. I can honestly say that I didn’t see this one coming and it really showed Katie Reus’s true colors. She put in a struggle that real women everywhere go through and it worked out beautifully. It made the main character more relatable and it also showed that women can be powerful when pushed to their breaking point. So my final recommendation for this novel is without a doubt a good one. For this novel will keep anyone hooked into it. It doesn’t matter what genre they like, it’ll still reel them in and keep them there.


*Read on March 6th, 2015

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