Beneath A Darkening Moon By Keri Arthur

Oh my Lord, was this novel entertaining. It was just as good as the first one, and it certainly held my attention. Especially, considering that the main characters had a chemistry that I normally don’t like in a novel. However, it actually worked out perfectly in this one. Which is a huge relief for urban fantasy lovers everywhere. For I’d hate to see Keri Arthur start to go downhill. An thankfully she hasn’t yet.

Savannah has long since put the past behind her. But the past is bound and determined to become her future as well. For even though Sav fought her way back up from the bottom, only one thing could truly bring her down to her knees. That one thing being detective Cade Jones; the only man to ever get under her skin. Only this time it’s much worse. Because the only reason as to why he’s back in Sav’s life is because people are dying all over again. In the exact same way as in Sav’s past. Which Cade is only all too aware of. Especially, since he’s been looking for Savannah for many years now. But she didn’t used to go by that name when he first knew her. No, she went by the name of Vannah when she was a part of the Rosehall cult. A cult that was supposed to be all about purity and love, but instead was all about despair and death. And it’s starting to happen all over again. Except this time it’s happening in Ripple Creek, and the man who’s behind it has been dead for many years now. A fact that both Savannah and Cade both know all too well. The problem is that these recent murders are carbon copies of the first. But this time they all seem to be pointing straight at Sav. However, that’s not Savannah’s only problem. For it seems like Cade is going to use the remaining time that was left from their original dance. Even if it means using the pull from the moon to force Savannah into it. Which is Savannah’s worst fear. An she won’t let anyone take control of her ever again. However, her true fear is that she may actually want Cade in a way that she’s afraid to admit to.

This novel can be found in the romance section of any bookstore. However, this novel is full of shifters and magic. So it could be argued that this is actually an urban fantasy romance novel. One that’s full of action, passion, drama, mystery, and adventure at its finest. It’s the type of novel that has a lot of background added to its plot. But in this case it worked out beautifully. The information only added to the hype that came with this plot. It was the same way with the actual plot twist as well. Meaning that all the extra suspense finally paid off. Leaving me to give this novel a very excellent recommendation on its behalf. For this is the type of novel that sticks with you in the long run. It just has that addicting quality that all urban fantasy lovers everywhere will truly enjoy. So run to your nearest library or bookstore, and pick this novel up today. For it surely won’t disappoint you in any way.


*Read on December 30th, 2012

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