Beneath A Rising Moon By Keri Arthur

This was without a doubt my favorite novel out of all of Keri Arthur’s novels. Which is saying something when I’ve read this one twice in one year. It’s just a one-of-a-kind novel that has so much to offer. Including vast amounts of entertainment for years to come. Which is exactly why it’s way up there on my top ten favorites list. And it probably will be for years to come.

Neva’s whole life revolves around her twin sister Savannah. So when she hears that her sister has been attacked she does what any loving sibling would do. She goes to hunt down the sick person who tried to kill her sister. But to do that she has to go undercover in the one place that she was warned to never go to. The Sinclair’s mansion for the moon dance. An Neva is determined to snag the one Sinclair that has invaded every females trap. For Duncan Sinclair is the ticket to finding her sister’s attacker. But that’s not what Duncan is concerned about at the moment. For the person responsible for all these murders is currently framing the Sinclair pack. An it’s Duncan’s job to figure out the who and the why. However, a golden vixen just may be too good of an opportunity to pass up. Which is exactly what Neva had planned. Neva needs Duncan to ask her to dance with him for this moon cycle. So that she may use him for her own gain. She just needs to make sure that Duncan never finds out about her deception. However, Duncan already knows that something is up. For he smelled her scent at the recent crime scene. And now he’s left to wonder about what Neva’s true gain may actually be. Which he will find out, even if it means that he has to do something drastic just to find out. So before he can get too close to her Neva runs away. Leaving behind a very determined Duncan. Who only wants to catch Neva even more, now than ever. Because there’s nothing that Duncan likes better than a good chase.

This novel can be found in the romance section of any bookstore. But even if it’s full of romance and passion, it still considered an urban fantasy novel through and through. This is because the whole novel is full of werewolves and magic. The kind that fills you up with its wonderment and mysteries. It also has a plot that is seriously to die for. It hooks you in and doesn’t let you go until the very last page. It’s a novel with a great plot and an even better plot twist. Even if it’s one that we can actually see coming. But even with all of this in mind I’m still giving this novel an excellent recommendation. Because this novel is all that, and then some. This is the exact reason as to why every urban fantasy lover will love the series entirely.

*Read on December 26th, 2012

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