Blood Bound By Patricia Briggs

Even though I’ve read this novel twice now, it’s still a “wow!” novel to me. It’s the type of novel that has the ability to sucker punch you right in the gut. And it does just that. For this plot has a uniqueness all its own, and it uses it to its own advantage. Hence the sucker punching. Because once you’re done with this novel you’re experiencing a gut-wrenching feeling when you realize that you don’t have the third one nearby. Which is the exact reason as to why I own this whole series.

Mercy tries to stay out of trouble, scout’s honor. But lately it seems as though trouble is just looking for her. Or in this case knocking on her window at around one in the morning. Which is exactly what Stefan does to get her attention. Because Mercy owes him a debt and he’s coming to collect on it. And while she may be upset over what time it is, she knows that the debt could have been a lot worse. So she plays the part of Stefan’s pet coyote to meet a new vampire. However, this vampire is much more than he seems. And he already seems pretty awful. For he’s killed everyone that was staying in the same hotel that he was. Just brutally murdering them for the soul pleasure of it, and because he could. But the worst part is when he somehow invade Stefan’s mind and makes him believe that he killed an innocent woman. While its the other vampire killing her all alone. And to make matters even worse Stefan’s fear turns out to be real. For not only is this new vampire a crazy nut case, he’s also a wizard of sorts. An when you turn the wizard into a vampire it automatically turns them crazy. Which is why it’s forbidden to turn them. But it’s currently clear that somebody went against that rule. And now a crazy mad-man is on the loose. An with Mercy’s current lucky streak he’ll most likely come after her next. Which is exactly what he does. Because he somehow found out that Marcy isn’t really an ordinary coyote. But that she’s someone important to Stefan. Making her the best form of collateral damage to use against him. But what that’s really doing is bringing the pack down on him. Because they won’t stand for anything to happen to Mercy.

This novel would be classified as an urban fantasy romance novel. One with an amazing plot and a great storyline to it as well. It’s the type of story that has many different character aspects in it. Such as vampires, werewolves, shifters, and more. It’s got so much in it that it almost seems like the novel will explode at times. Especially, when it comes down to the details. Which describes everything in such a perfect way. It’s chaotic, crafty, exciting, and full of action and adventure. Making this novel into a true sight to behold in this series so far. So when it all comes down to my final recommendation I’d have to say that it’s a pretty good one. For this novel will keep you entertained for a long time coming. So I highly recommend that you go to your nearest bookstore and buy it today. Because is it certainly won’t disappoint you.


*Read on November 13th, 2012

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