Bone Crossed By Patricia Briggs

I enjoyed this novel just as much as the rest of this series. This novel in particular added quite the spark. Because unlike the other ones, this novel is the aftermath to the second novel in the series. It’s also a novel that has been well awaited for, and is surely didn’t disappoint me. Because unlike some authors, Patricia Briggs knows exactly how to keep her readers entertained. And she’s doing a bang-up job of it.

Mercy’s worst nightmare has finally come true. Marsilia has finally figured out who killed Andre, and she’s out for blood. The blood of everyone who was involved in the attack, or who knew of it and didn’t speak up. The only reason that Mercy was forewarned is because a very tortured Stefan was thrown into her living room. A gift from Marsilia to her. An the only reason that Stefan didn’t drain Mercy was for the simple fact that Samuel happened to be home at the time. And one phone call to Adam leaves Stefan a not-as-nearly-close-to-a-true-death vampire. Leaving him to tell Mercy all that Marsilia has done. Which not only includes torturing him, but killing off all of those that were under his care. People that Stefan cared dearly for. So when the vampires tag her place for business Mercy starts to worry. Not about herself, but for the people that she cares for her. Which means that she needs to do something before it’s too late. So when an old college friend shows up asking for help with a ghost Mercy accepts. If only to leave so that her friends may be safe for a little while longer. However, she must be very careful about where she goes. Because there’s one vampire to be feared where she’s going. A dangerous vampire that has his eye on her. An Mercy won’t like it when he gets his hands on her. Because for what he wants her for is entirely different from what Marsilia wants. A fact that is proven when he takes a child to bring Mercy closer to him. And Mercy isn’t the type of person willing to give up an innocent child’s life for her own.

This novel would be classified as an urban fantasy romance novel. Although it would be found in the urban fantasy section of any bookstore. This is for the simple fact that this novel is chock-full of vampires, werewolves, shifters, and much more. Including a lead character who is quite the badass herself. Mercy is the type of character that many women strive to become. She’s independent (but knows when to rely on others), has a good career, has a supporting family, and always have somebody watching out for her. Making her a main character that can be easily related to, even though it’s in an urban fantasy novel such as this one. And because of this I have to give this novel a major thumbs up. I highly recommend that you give this novel a try. Better yet, just read this whole series entirely. For it certainly won’t disappoint you in any way. And I guarantee you that urban fantasy lovers everywhere are bound to enjoy this novel and/or series.


*Read on November 16th, 2012


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