Entice Me At Twilight By Shayla Black

I enjoyed this novel just about as much as the previous one in this series. If not even more so. It brought to light a new side of an old main character, and it worked out beautifully. This novel was actually spiced up enough that I couldn’t stop reading it, even if I wanted to. It was a fresh idea in a storm of chaos and mystery. Which only begs the question as to why this story was left until almost the very end of the series?

Mathias has proven himself to be completely insane. He’s already killed members of the council and attempted to kill Ice. Fortunately Ice have proven hard to kill, and he now has the last open Council seat for himself. However, Mathias doesn’t stop there. He’s recently received word of the person who renders all magic null and void. A person who can help him get into Morganna let Fay’s tomb. And to make matters even more complicated, it seems that Duke has recently come into contact with said person. The only way being at his brother’s wedding rehearsal. The same brother that he’s been trying to make amends with for years now. But at this point it’s looking like their mother will never get her wish. Her wish being that they both work things out eventually. Which may now never happen, because Duke has found out who the null is. And of course it’s the one person that he’s been trying to avoid for the last couple weeks. His brother fiancée Felicia. And if it’s one thing that Felicia can’t stand, it’s being lied to. Especially, when she knows you’re doing it. Because that’s just one of her many talents. So when she overhears Duke and Mason arguing over her life being in danger, she has to believe it. For nothing out of Duke’s mouth has been a lie so far. Meaning that this madman really is going after her, and if even anything about him is true that she has a real cause to worry. So with her safety in mind Felicia agrees to go with Duke. Much to Mason’s own dismay. For he swears that Duke is only trying to seduce Felicia for himself. An he’s not far from the truth, because Duke has only been avoiding her for one reason. The reason being that Felicia is his intended Mate.

This novel would be considered an urban fantasy romance novel. One that has quite a few different character aspects to it. Including wizards, immortal men, and a psychopathic madman. Making for quite an interesting read for any urban fantasy lover. However, it’s the plot to this novel that really catches your eye. It has that forbidden love romance to it, and yet it’s almost a kidnapping type of plot as well. Which only enhances this novel’s enticing factor even more. It’s full of passion, mystery, action, and so much more. It’s the type of novel that you’ll find very addicting, very quickly. So when it all comes down to my final recommendation I’d say that it’s a pretty good one. For this novel is perfect for any urban fantasy lovers out there. It’ll keep you hooked until the very end, and even then you still want more.


*Read on July 4th, 2017

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