Glass Sword By Victoria Aveyard

How dare Victoria Aveyard leave us hanging like that! I mean, what a great way to end this novel, but it left me highly disappointed when I didn’t have the next one right next to me. However, despite all that this novel was a pure delight to read. It had so much going for it and it gave us so much more. It’s the type of novel that keeps you hooked into it for a very long time. An I think Victoria Aveyard for writing it for us.

After everything that she’s been through Mare is finally free. But that freedom has come at a very high price. A price that has hurt Mare more than she thought it would. Because it turns out that Maven wasn’t on Mare’s side at all. He was on his own side, and end up not only betraying Mare but his own brother as well. An it’s a betrayal that Cal isn’t taking all too well. Because Cal never expected that his own brother would kill their father. All because he wanted the crown for himself. A crown that Cal never even really wanted. An now Cal and Mare are on the most wanted list for the murder of the king. But Mare isn’t that concerned about it at the moment. What she’s really worried about is all the other people like her. Reds with hidden powers in their blood. Powers that could help end abuse for Reds everywhere. An because of these powers they are being hunted down and killed by Maven. Because Mare was the one that showed him the list of people like her. Back when she thought that Maven was good, honest, and sincere. A point in time where she thought he actually cared about her and her people. But now that his true colors have shown themselves, Mare is scared for her people’s lives. An she won’t rest until she rescues as many of them as she can. Because when Maven beats them to their quarry, innocents end up dead. While others end up missing. All because Maven wants to send a message to Mare. One that is both written and yet implied all at the same time. Because whether she likes it or not Maven has set his sights on her. And he’s already proven that nothing will stop him from taking what he wants.

This novel can be found in the young adult urban fantasy section of any bookstore. Right next to other great authors such as Kristen Simmons; author of The Glass Arrow. Because these novels live in a dystopia type of world. A world that is unique in its own special way. It’s an addicting fast-paced, action-packed novel. One that has quite the amazing plot to go with it. For it’s a plot that is well worth the wait. Especially when all the plot twists are added to it. Making this novel truly something to behold. It’s the type of novel that just keeps on giving, and it’s one that everyone will enjoy. Which is why my final recommendation is such a good one, because this novel is one of a kind. It’s a unique novel that has a lot going for it. For this novel is one that both young adults and adults everywhere will certainly enjoy.


*Read on June 6th, 2017

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