King’s Cage By Victoria Aveyard

After reading the end of Glass Sword I just had to get my hands on this novel. And thank God I did, because I could hardly put this novel down. It was everything that I could have hoped for, and then some. Not only did it entertain me, but it hooked me in and never let me go. Heck, even though I just got done reading it it’s still all that I can think about. Especially when it ended so abruptly, which just makes me want to read the next one even sooner.

Mare is now in the clutches of the one man that she was trying so hard to stay away from. An all on her own free will too. Because if she didn’t give herself up Maven would have killed everyone. Including Cal and her two brothers Bree and Tramey. An because of her love for her family Mare is now a prisoner to the Mad King. A fate that Mare can’t blame on anyone but herself. An being a prisoner of Maven’s is turning out to be worse than she thought. She’s not only under constant guard, but she’s shackled down from her hands to her feet in Silent Stone. So that she can’t get any access to her powers at any given time. As an added protection Mare’s guards all have the ability to silent off anyone’s powers for prolonged periods of time. Powers that they use on Mare 24/7. Which only makes Mare grow weaker and weaker by the minute. It even comes to the point where Mare thinks she’s going to go crazy from her forced isolation from the world. However, others have other plans for her and force her to once again step out into the light. An she steps out as a person that she hates with a fiery passion. Because to win the trust of his people Maven has Mare say that she’s on his side. That she has been all along and was only forced to join the Scarlet Guard. It’s a ploy that not only works, but that sends others like Mare straight to Maven. For he promised them sanctuary for revealing their powers to him. All the while Mare is trying to figure out a way to escape him once and for all. And if she has to kill him, then so be it.

This novel can be found in the bestselling authors section of any bookstore out there. Specifically in the young adult urban fantasy section or young adult romance section. Because this novel is just that good when it comes to normal standards. Which could be for the changes that the characters go through, or because of the plot itself. Either way, it’s a novel that knows how to grab your attention and keep it where it wants it. Due to the fact that it’s full of drama, fighting, romance, deceit, and betrayal. All the while focusing on a group that has abnormal abilities. Making this novel very unique in so many ways. Which is precisely why my final recommendation on this novel is such a good one. Because this is a must-read novel for all young adult lovers out there. It’s a novel that will be hard to forget about, and it’s one that I’m proud to say I own. So go to your nearest bookstore and pick it up today, because once you read it you’ll want to buy it.


*Read on June 12th, 2017

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