Monsters By Ilsa J. Bick

Even after reading this novel two times, I’m still in love with it. I mean honestly now, who wouldn’t be after reading the first one in this series! They’re amazing, and keep you hooked in till the very end. Which is the exact reason why Ilsa J. Bick has been writing these novels. She wants to keep us entertained as long as possible, and it certainly worked. The only disappointing thing is that this series is now over, and I don’t believe I’ll ever find another one quite like it.

The mine is gone, and with it a lot of the Changed as well. Most of them being from Rule or the surrounding areas. And with the mine gone the only place left for them to go is back to their homes. Which will cause a major problem for any of the Spared that are left. But Tom could care less about any of that. The only thing he cared about was Alex, and now she’s gone. Because Alex was still stuck in the mine when it blew, and it was Tom’s explosives that killed her. So now he’s beating himself up about it, to the point where he doesn’t know how he will go on. However, what Tom doesn’t know is that Alex is still very much alive. But she’s now stuck with Wolf and his gang. An she now knows the reason why they went through such lengths to keep her alive. They need her help them when it comes to doctoring themselves. A task that Alex isn’t sure she wants to help with. But if it comes down to either doctoring them to stay alive or being tomorrow’s main course, she’d rather stay alive. Because even though she’s made peace with the fact that she’s most likely going to die, she’d rather it not happen quite yet. After all, she still has to find Tom and Ellie when she makes her big escape. An Ellie is missing Alex and Tom fiercely. Everyday Ellie does what Alex taught her to do in the beginning. She survives. Because until the day comes where she’s reunited with Tom and Alex she’s going to try her hardest to make it. And all she wants is to be fair about every decision that’s made. When Chris was killed it really set Ellie off. She didn’t feel right about the situation, and she’s made that perfectly clear. Because everyone deserves the chance to know what’s happening to them. Especially when it comes to every situation after the mine collapsed.

This novel is the final novel in a wonderful series. One that is about zombies in their finest sense. Because unlike most zombie novels this one comes with its own unique twist. A twist has been in the making since the first novel was written. Because the main character in this novel is conflicted beyond belief. Making this plot into a want-to-survive-and-maybe-find-love kind of novel. One that focuses on the altogether wrongness of the whole situation. Which was captured beautifully within these pages. Making this a novel that is easily recommendable for a young adult fantasy novel. Which in turn makes my recommendation a very excellent one. For this novel is one of a kind in so many different ways. It’s the type of novel that keeps you up at night, waiting for the next bit of action. So if you haven’t read this novel yet, I highly recommend that you do. So go to your nearest bookstore and pick it up today. Because it surely won’t disappoint you in any way.


*Read on June 19th, 2017

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