No Werewolves Allowed By Cheyenne McCray


This novel was much better than the last one. It certainly knows how to catch your eye, and then keep you hooked into it. Which is probably due entirely to the fact that the werewolves had more detail to them then the demons did. And this only seemed to enhance this novel even more. It added more volume to the plot, and expanded on the characters themselves. Making this novel seem more interesting by every chapter that was read.

Nyx and her team are still reeling from the death of their fellow Nighttrackers. It’s a loss that pains them to their core. But their empty spots must be filled and the Great Guardian has for once delivered. Because for once the Nighttrackers are on someone’s good side. Especially, when they receive five new trackers to replace their lost three. Something that they’ve been asking for a long time now. But even when there’s good news, bad news always seems to follow. And this time it’s packing quite the punch. Because when the local Alpha of the werewolf pack shows up asking for help, it’s to inform Nyx and her partner that three of their cubs are missing. Which is every parent’s worst nightmare come to life. And it’s really hitting the Alpha pretty hard, because one of the cubs was his own son. So once Nyx hears this information both her and Olivia agree to take the case. Along with a few other Nighttrackers as well. However, something isn’t quite right about this case. They can’t seem to scent anything at the kidnapping sites. Which is very bizarre for a paranormal. It’s almost as if someone took the liberty of washing their own scent away. Something that should be physically impossible, and yet is actually happening. Leaving Nyx and Olivia to believe that things are worse than they originally thought. Which is only proven when both Nyx and Angel are kidnapped themselves. And by humans too! However, these humans have something very diabolical in mind. Something that could take care of all the paranormals for good. But not if Nyx has anything to do about it.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy novel. And not a very good one at that. It was supposed to be some type of romance novel, but the plot was all wrong for that. The characters were just as wrong too. Which wasn’t good for this novel at all. It just had this vibe that puts the reader in the wrong kind of mood. It’s like it tries to romance you, but then sucker punches you in the face with supernatural villainous. Which puts it all over the charts. Although, the main character does show some promise. However, Cheyenne McCray really needs to expand her horizons a bit more. So when it all comes down to my final recommendation I’d have to say that it’s not a very good one. Because there are definitely better paranormal romance novels to read. And if you actually look hard enough you’ll bypass the series entirely.


*Read on July 7th, 2017

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