Possess Me At Midnight By Shayla Black

I actually enjoyed this novel more than I thought I would. But this could be for the simple fact that this particular novel has been built up quite a bit. Especially in the last two novels. And even if it hadn’t, this still makes this a truly unique novel. One that kept me up late at night, wondering what would happen next. Which is exactly what I want in a novel, and I’m glad that Shayla Black was able to get that to me.

Sabelle knew she was in trouble from the moment her brother came home. Especially when he came home in a coma-like state that is slowly killing him. All because of the black cloud that Mathias has welded against him. A cloud that has turned Bram’s own body against him. And to make matters worse nobody knows how to heal him from this state. Everything that’s Sabelle has tried to has failed, every single time. It’s getting to the point that she refuses to eat or sleep, for fear that her brother may leave her forever. And to stop it from happening Sabelle is putting all of her healing magic into saving his life, so any distractions are beyond out of the question. Unfortunately Ice can’t accept the fact that Sabelle feels nothing for him. Especially when it’s been proven to him time and time again. The only thing that’s currently holding him back is Sabelle herself. She’s made it perfectly clear that while she may be attracted to him, she’ll never truly be his. Because Bram would never allow such a thing to happen. And Sabelle would do anything for Bram. Even if it meant living in a loveless marriage. Which is what Sabelle is most likely to face. However, this is the least of her concerns at the moment. Because well Bram is in his weakened state Mathias attacks the Doomsday Brethren. Forcing everyone to abandon Bram’s home and split up into groups. So that if Mathias is able to track the diary it’ll only be one group targeted. Unfortunately, Mathias is able track down the diary and now Sable is in grave danger. An Ice would rather die than let Mathias get his hands on her.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy romance novel. But to be completely honest it leans more towards the romantic aspect. Which isn’t a bad thing when you have characters who are like fire and ice towards each other. An that’s exactly what you get with this novel. You get the main characters that are compatible in so many ways, and yet they refuse to admit it. Or at least one of them does. But that’s what makes this novel such a good one. Along with the fighting, wizards, magic, and complete badassness. Which only made it seem more complete in a weird sort of way. And with all this in mind I can only give it a great recommendation from my viewpoint. Because out of this whole series so far, this is the best novel in it. It’ll keep you on your toes till the very end. And even then you’ll want more. So run to your nearest bookstore and get your copy as soon as possible. For it certainly won’t leave you hanging.


*Read on June 26th, 2017

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