Seduce Me In Shadow By Shayla Black

This novel went along perfectly with the previous one from this series. Mostly for the simple fact that the anguished warrior character finally popped up. Making this novel a bit more exciting to read. It just draws you in until all you can think about is that one character. Which just made me read this novel even quicker, so that I could find out what happened to him. An he’s truly an amazing character and honestly quite perfect for this series.

Caden has never wanted anything to do with either magic or magickind. To him it’s nothing but chaos and ruin, which will destroy any life that it comes into contact with. So the only reason for him to even be near any of it would have to be dire. And having his only brother dying because of a madman is the only reason as to why he’s back in this life. Even if it’s only for a little while. Because as soon as his brother is healed, and is in safe hands, he’ll be leaving this life behind once more. But as of right now Caden has to focus on his current mission, given to him by Bram. Which is to infiltrate a tabloid company as a photographer and attempt to get close to Sydney Blair. The very woman who is making their current war publicly known to humans. Putting the Doomsday Brethren on high alert, an in even more danger than before. But to Sydney, this story is her big ticket to fame. The type of fame that will finally get her noticed by her parents. The parents that don’t approve of the type of work that Sydney is currently doing. However, she does love her writing career and will do whatever it takes to get recognized. Even if it means hanging out with the mysterious hunk Caden. Her new photographer that seems awfully interested in her new piece about the magical war. A story that Caden keeps insisting is fake and has no truth to it whatsoever. However, what Caden doesn’t know is that Sydney has a secret source. A source that has been an unwillingly part of this war. And she’s currently the only ace that Sydney has up her sleeve.

This novel is just like the first one in this series. It’s an adult urban fantasy romance novel. One that has a very unique plot to it, to say the least. A plot that will leave you intrigued for more. Which is exactly what we want from a series such as this one. Because even the twist in this novel is something to behold. It’s strictly unique to this story line, and not the whole series itself. Playing off of the main characters and both of their tortured backgrounds. Leaving us with two very different characteristics in our very own main characters. And because of this my recommendation is a good one. For this novel is one-of-a-kind for all of those urban fantasy lovers out there. It’s a type of novel that can light a spark under us when we need it most.


*Read on May 23rd, 2017

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