Vampires Not Invited By Cheyenne McCray

Well, wasn’t this novel just chapters full of drama! Even more so than the last one. Which only made this novel more interesting to me. And considering this series has the potential to get boring, that’s saying something. But for once I was actually entertained. This novel took certain aspects from the previous novel, and turned it into something new. It became rather exciting and hard to put down at times, instead of just being dull and boring.

The mess with the werewolves was exactly that. A huge mess that should’ve never occurred. But it did, and it’s now up to the Nighttrackers to clean up the mess. Just like they always do. Except this time it’s a little bit harder. Because sprites have decided to run amuck, an create a string of organized chaos. Which has never happened with the sprites before. For even though they’re full of mischief, and like to pull pranks, if there’s one thing they’re not it’s organized. However, this time they seem to be, and Nix is starting to get a bit suspicious as to why that is. It’s almost like they’re trying to distract them from something. Its when the Master Vampire Volod threatens the council it that it all starts to come together. Because it seems that all vampires are getting tired of the constant suppression that’s been placed upon them. They want the freedom to hunt humans like they used to, and they crave the power that they once lost. Power that they very well now have, due to a certain list and serum that have gone missing. For the sprites in lockup had one ulterior motive behind their mischief. They were to steal a list of all the paranormal’s weaknesses, and on the way out they also stole the werewolf formula. The very formula that could kill all paranormals alike. And to make matters worse they don’t have enough antiserum for more than one person. So if it gets out, everyone who isn’t part human is at risk. Making it a race against the clock for all Nighttrackers out there. But with Volod running against them, they may already be too late to stop the upcoming contamination.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy novel. One that has a little bit of romance within it. It also has quite a few different aspects within it as well. Such as vampires, fae, shapeshifters, and so much more. Making this novel quite the melting pot for supernatural races. However, when it comes down to the plot, it was surely lacking. It was rather dull and boring at times, and it wasn’t that great either. I could see every twist and turn that was coming. It was very predictable and extremely see-through at times. So for my final recommendation I’d have to say that it’s just an okay one. Because while this novel was starting to finally get interesting, its still lacking in certain areas. So I ultimately don’t recommend giving this novel a go at all.


*Read on July 18th, 2017

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